What White Privilege (and Black Fear) Looks Like

If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention.
~ Unknown

It goes without saying that Ta-Nehisi Coates is an exceptional writer, perhaps the greatest of our age at what he does. It’s not just Coates’ skill with the language that makes him great, or even his obvious intelligence: those just allow him technical mastery of the craft. It’s Coates’ ability to perceive, and to convey, aspects of what is really going on in this country – his humanity and his passion, in other words – that makes him such an indispensable read.

I’m late to this one, but although the story here centers around Coates’ conversation with the mother of Jordan Davis, the teen shot dead in Florida for “too loud music” in his car by sociopath Michael Dunn, it was the simple litany of stories (with links to news articles) towards the bottom of the piece that really hit home with me. None of these stories Coates rattled off were new to me: I’d heard or read of all of them before I clicked through to them from Coates’ piece, and was outraged by every one of them. But even for someone paying attention as much as I have been (not as much as some, but more than many), I was rocked back on my heels to realize – and remember – that every single one of the following occurred during the past summer. All of them:

I realize America is a big place with some 322 million people in it. On that scale, strictly by the numbers, the above events comprise a fraction so tiny it’s less than a rounding error. But we’re not talking about percentages of large, ordinary groups like the elderly or residents of suburbs; each one of these incidents involves a black person being murdered, assaulted or sexually abused by a police officer in the United States. That is not a rounding error. I feel certain that no one reading this (or Coates’ much more widely-read piece) would consider it a rounding error if it were their loved one in the media for these reasons. So none of us should consider what happened to these people as anything less than awful, either. As the saying goes, if you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention.

About that, though? Even If you are outraged, if you’re also surprised, it suggests that maybe you might not have been paying that close attention previously. That doesn’t make you a bad person…but it probably makes you a white person. That’s the nature and the essence of white privilege right there, in a nutshell: the ability to not really notice these things which would shock and horrify you and possibly even damage you permanently if they happened to someone you loved enough…merely because they didn’t happen to anyone you know.

Someone much more cynical than I am once said human beings have a nearly limitless capacity to endure the misery of others. And it’s true for all of us, to an extent. But most people – or at least a majority of them – care about injustice and misery if they see clear examples of it. Most white people aren’t blasé about such systemic mistreatment and misjudgment of black people…we just have the luxury, by virtue of nothing more than our skin color, of being able to simply not even NOTICE it, unless we’re paying attention.

Black people, even the most accomplished professionals among them, never have that luxury. Instead, they have an ever-present twinge of fear (or at least awareness) that if circumstances go just a bit bad in exactly the wrong way, then these stories could be about them, or someone they care about.

That’s the difference, and it’s the definition of white privilege.

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  1. Minneapolis: Chris Lollie was arrested by police for waiting in a public place to pick up his children. I’m leaving this one off because the event occurred back in January, so technically it didn’t fall within the strict parameters of this summer, but the video of it was released – and public awareness began on August 27.

Georgia Governor, Senate Race Becoming Close?

I’m not sure I believe it, but for what it’s worth, Atlanta NBC affiliate 11Alive is out with a new poll conducted on their behalf by SurveyUSA, showing the race for Governor as a stastical tie between Nathan Deal and Jason Carter, with Deal at 45% and Carter at 44%, and a MoE of 4.2% (hence the statistical tie).

Interestingly, the new survey, released yesterday, also shows Michelle Nunn narrowing the gap with David Perdue to 47%-44%. The survey stands in fairly stark contrast to 11Alive/Survey USA’s own identical poll from three weeks ago (released 8/18). That earlier poll showed the Governor’s race comfortably in the R column, with Deal at 48%, and Carter trailing nine points back at 39%, and the race for the retiring Saxby Chambliss’ seat also with a Republican-leaning nine-point gap, with Perdue at 50% and Nunn trailing at 41%.

In the mid-August poll, all of the candidates, both D and R, had seen their numbers increase as the election drew closer and the number of undecided dropped. What’s interesting about this new poll is that in the intervening three weeks, the number of undecided voters has not dropped much further. In fact, in the Senate race, it’s completely unchanged. Three weeks ago, there were 6% undecided in the Senate race and 8% in the Governor’s race. Yesterday’s survey reveals an identical 6% undecided in the Senate race and a drop of only two points (from 8% to 6%) in the Governor’s race. That means that most of the movement came from people changing their minds from one candidate to another, not from undecideds finally making up their minds.

I am not sure I buy a nine-point lead’s virtual evaporation in three weeks, (at least, not without unusual circumstances, which there haven’t been). I’m somewhat more ready to believe Michelle Nunn gaining three points in three weeks, but that still seems a bit of a stretch when considering that unless something’s screwy with the numbers, that three percent (apparently) came entirely out of David Perdue’s voters from three weeks ago.

Still, it’s an encouraging sign for the Democrats in Georgia, and if nothing else, means that the Republicans may wind up having to spend money they didn’t think they’d be having to spend this late in the game in a state that’s supposed to be predictably red-voting. I am honestly not sure what’s going on with the voters in this state, since a glance at Huffington Post’s Pollster.com aggregator for the past couple of months shows leads for the Republicans in both races…except for two or three polls which were all conducted by either Republican-leaning or outright GOP outfits, in which the Democrat leads in both the Senate and Governors’ races. Weird.

Operation DUMBSHIT

( Operation DUMBSHIT: Deploying United Military Because Syria Harbors Islamic Terrorists)

Or, as Digby 
puts it, “here we go” (I’d merely add “…again”).

Should Not Be Our National Terrorism Motto

Digby’s right: when Democrats like Al Franken (of all people), who’s up for re-election in two years, start making very public noises to the effect that they’re “troubled” the Obama administration “has not yet developed a comprehensive strategy to address the growing threat of lSIL’s activities in Syria,” you can be sure what they’re attempting to do is throw down markers which they can point to later, if – as they fear – someone on the right tries to call them wimps for being insufficiently militaristic. This, they presume, will inoculate them at the polls next election from such an attack. They think if they’re thusly attacked, they’ll be able to point to these Sternly Worded Letters™ as evidence of their willingness to send other people’s children to war against the enemy-du-jour, which (they fondly imagine) will allow them to then execute a neat pivot onto a different, less military response to the threat posed by ISIS.

The trouble with doing this is that it never works out that way. Having tossed down such saber-rattling markers becomes both self-sustaining and self-fulfilling. Sadly, what way too many Democratic politicians still appear not to understand is that once they’ve tried to preemptively fend off conservative charges of insufficient martial virtue (or whatever ridiculous name the pants-wetters have thought up lately to convey Democratic perfidy on matters of war), they’ve completely ceded the terms of the debate to the neocon warhawks. The result is always that any Democrat trying to make such preemptive moves becomes stuck with that position. It becomes a set of handcuffs not even Houdini could escape from. Once Democrats start down those tracks, getting off the train at any point until US boots have hit the ground will perversely result in exactly what the hapless Democrat who mistakenly thought (s)he was insulating him/herself from all along: subtle (or often, not so subtle) excoriation as a limp-wristed, incompetent, Muslim (or commie, or both)-loving nincompoop. In short: every ridiculous, derogatory stereotype in the book about Democrats and war.

This silly spiral is how we got into Iraq in the first place, in fact. After 9/11, Democrats, battered by years of stern GOP daddies’ abuse as soft on crime, war, etc – and facing the 2002 midterm elections against an increasingly strong-looking President who’d recently stood heroically atop a pile of rubble in New York with a bullhorn, looking (if only momentarily) like a plausibly non-insane facsimile of John Wayne – panicked. They fell in line almost as if they too were merely children of a lesser GOP, and the march to war became inevitable.

The truly sad part is: none of it – neither the position-taking nor the seemingly unstoppable slide towards war – was inevitable then, and it is not inevitable now. The problem, both then and now, was never Democrats’ unwillingness or inability to “confront” terrorism, but rather their fear of confronting Republicans and their housebroken, adjective-confecting pilot fish in the media. The way to dispense with such charges is first, for Democrats to not panic and do the GOP’s work for them by painting themselves into a rhetorical corner from which they cannot escape. Behave as if rushing to war is the outlier position, and force the GOP or the media to make such charges themselves, don’t do them the favor of leveling the charges against yourself (and the administration) for them. Then, if and when some gasbag pumps him or herself up and actually does level such charges, remind them that

  1. Democrats successfully engaged and conducted both World Wars,
  2. The results from the most recent data we have on a Republican attempting to deal with a very similar modern threat to the one faced now didn’t speak very well of the entire “bombs away” line of thought, and
  3. The question they should be asking is not whether Democrats are capable of carrying out military options (they clearly are), but whether a military response is the RIGHT response, whether we’ve exhausted (or even explored) other options, not just in a pro forma way but because they might actually produce better results overall than yet another resort to “bombs away.”

On that last note (as Digby also pointed out in a separate post), Peter Beinart (who appears to have learned his own lesson from being one of the early cheerleaders of the last war in Iraq) offers quite a bit to chew on as far as other, better options in Syria than simply bomb people and see what happens. Bottom line: prolonged, problematic, costly military engagement in Syria is NOT the only – or even the best – option. It’s also not even close to inevitable, unless Democrats, including the President, allow it. But unless a “coalition of the willing” amongst the Democrats can muster the vision and the spine to do what Democrats everywhere have been telling themselves and anyone else who would listen for the last dozen years they would do, next time (i.e. – not allow themselves to be swept along into war by the fear of being wrong and the fear of electoral punishment from Republicans for being “soft on terror”), it’s not going to happen magically by itself.

Last stray thought: Al Franken was not a Senator in 2002/3, and therefore didn’t have to make the decisions many of his colleagues did. It may be, sadly, that he too has to learn this lesson the way Dems and moderates from Hillary Clinton to Peter Beinart did: by pissing on the electric fence and suffering the consequences.

No, There’s No Race Problem in America, Why Do You Ask?

I’m far from the first, but this may be one of the best takedowns of today’s truly awful New York Times profile of Michael Brown. It’s a comparison of how the Times spoke of Brown (“no angel,” “problems,” stealing cigars, pushing a convenience store clerk, etc.) vs how they described Ted Bundy (“never a shred of evidence…to hint at any aberrant behavior,” “Boy Scout, B-plus student,” “loved children, read poetry,” etc.)

And yes, it was the mid-80s vs 2014, but in one sense, that only makes it worse:

Is there an ongoing race problem in America? Well, you tell me.


Ferguson Absurdity, Media Edition

The images and news coming out of Ferguson, MO in the wake of Michael Brown’s death more than a week ago have been heartbreaking and maddening. I haven’t had a lot to say about it, because first, I’m not there. Also, frankly, I feel somewhat overwhelmed: what is there to say, after all, when something you read about in history books as something that happened in the past – armed police and national guard battling protesters in the streets of an American city – begins happening again, right before your eyes (or at least your TV and Twitter screens)?

But when things are as heartbreakingly real as they are in Ferguson right now, and as publicly visible, the absurd often takes over to sort of seize the moment and summarize what’s wrong, in a single image or short clip of video or audio. No amount of live footage of actual protesters being kettled, harassed, or threatened by combat-armed police can do as much for telling us what’s wrong and why it’s wrong as brief glimpses like these often can.

Last night, reporting live from the CNN Newsroom, host Rosemary Church had Jake Tapper (who was actually in Ferguson) live on the air. Tapper had already earlier that evening issued a gobsmacked and disgusted rant about the situation (which quickly went viral), because he was actually there and could see how bad things were. But now he was performing correspondent duty, this time discussing with the studio hosts how most of the protesters were peaceful and not looting or causing trouble, but how spraying tear gas is indiscriminate, and punishes all equally. Church’s suggestion for this dilemma? Well, MediaMatters has the video, but here’s the relevant clip:

Water cannons? Seriously? Did a white CNN News anchor – presumably someone who knows current events as well as the history of them better than the average citizen – just unironically urge the Ferguson police use water cannons on the protesters in Ferguson? Because it’s not like that’s ever been problematic in US history, especially as it pertains to the white power structure using excessive force against the black community. Oy. I’d link to the history of water cannon use, but I don’t want to insult your intelligence, so instead, I’ll assume my readers are more clued-in than the average CNN host, apparently. However, here’s what I tweeted to Ms. Church, when I learned of this today:screen cap of tweetscreen cap of tweet

screen cap of tweetscreemcap of tweet

That’s the reason this is happening, in a nutshell – because we’ve forgotten our history, and so we are being condemned to repeat it. Or, rather, I should say, white people appear to have forgotten our history. Black people, who’ve continued to have to face on a regular basis the fact that race in America is not a “solved issue,” probably remember the history fairly well. The actions of Ferguson police chief “Stonewall” Jackson – releasing the convenience store robbery video over the objections of the DoJ (who knew better), setting the tone of obfuscation and heavy-handed tactics – and Rosemary Church’s blithe and oblivious suggestion of the use of water cannons against protesters, are all of a piece. The common thread is either forgetting or refusing to acknowledge both the history and the unsolved present problem of the different treatment of black and white in America, and of poor and rich. Yes, we (desperately) need to demilitarize the police (getting rid of the 1033 program is a good start). But until America as a whole acknowledges these racial and class realities, this shit is gonna keep happening, over and over and over.

In fact, you can see it in one still-frame from the video above. It’s a bit grainy, so I’ll post a clearer image of it here. Get a load of Church’s co-host’s face after hearing her water cannon comment. He knows. Because he’s lived the reality Church has not, which is what allowed her to suggest such a thing where it would never in a million years have even occurred to him to say. But you can see that he sort of thought she knew, too…and is shocked to discover she doesn’t. Just look:

screen cap of CNN Newsroom broadcast

Say WHAT, white lady?

That, right there, is the gap we need to close in America’s minds, before this stuff can stop happening.

The Jim Hoft Gateway To Bullshit

photo of Jim "Gateway Pundit" Hoft

The Dumbest? Or Just A Bullshitter?

Jim Hoft (Gateway Pundit) is often cited as “The Dumbest Man On The Internet.” Not without reason, either. In his role as one of the right wing’s most-loyal attack dogs, Hoft has put forth numerous ludicrously false posts, ranging from claiming that the closed-captioning on an Obama speech was actually instructions to the speech’s audience to laugh, applaud, etc, to being suckered into believing a satire website’s joke-post that a San Diego high school had canceled a speech by the President because the long-form birth certificate he provided to refute the birther’s claim was “a fake.”

Hoft’s since deleted the latter post – a disturbing pattern by him of attempting to elide his own mistakes and re-write anything inconvenient or embarrassing in his own past – so who knows how many other such examples there are that have disappeared down the memory hole? But stupidity could certainly be among the likely reasons why a blogger like Hoft who self-styles as a truth-seeking (and telling) investigative journalist would repeatedly get suckered into posting or repeating such idiocies. But there’s another, even more plausible explanation for Hoft’s role as the Sideshow Bob of right-wing internet punditry, perpetually stepping on the same rhetorical rakes over and over again. Namely, I submit that Hoft is an ideological zealot, and thus is not so much an idiot (though don’t get me wrong, he’s certainly no Einstein) as he is a bullshitter.

In his brief but trenchant paper “On Bullshit,” Harry Frankfurt describes the essence of bullshit as something completely separate from lying. Someone who lies knows – or at least thinks he knows – the truth, and is attempting to deceive others by intentionally spreading falsehood. Someone who is bullshitting, by contrast, does not have either truth or falsehood as their primary goal at all, but instead something else altogether. In the case of partisan zealots like Hoft, that “something else” is quite clearly the advancement of a narrative. In its simplest form, it is: Democrats (and liberals, progressives, etc.): BAD, Republicans (and conservatives, tea-partiers, libertarians): GOOD. This theme runs throughout Hoft’s site, as far back as the archives go; it is his literal raison d’blog: to bash the left and advance the right. Period. He is a zealot and a hack. To those twin ends of bashing the left and cheering the right, Hoft is certainly willing to employ the truth if he thinks doing so will best further his goal, but he is equally at home proffering the worst sorts of smear, innuendo, bigotry and yes, outright falsehood if he thinks that will best advance an anti-left or pro-right agenda.

Of course, getting caught in transparent lies usually does NOT help advance Hoft’s goals, which is why (given how frequently Hoft is thusly ensnared) instead of following the responsible journalistic practice of issuing corrections to mistakes in stories, Hoft simply attempts to erase from the collective memory that he ever said such things. But as long as a statement or post of his is either opinion-based (which requires no evidence) or has at least the thinnest veneer of plausibility (or plausible deniability – for Hoft), he’s quite comfortable putting forth unsubstantiated or even discredited, false evidence to advance his goals. To an ideological bullshitter like Hoft, it does not matter much whether the narrative he’s spinning is true or false. What matters is whether it makes the left look bad and/or the right look good. Hoft’s goal is to get the reader to hate liberalism, vote conservative (Republican or tea-party), and thus advance his cause, NOT to tell the truth OR even to tell lies. Just whatever advances the message best. Read Hoft or listen to him, and that is what you are getting: stories crafted lovingly with whatever bullshit best ensures that you’ll come away with a bad impression of the left or a good impression of the right.

The latest example of Hoft’s bullshit is the furor over the killing of Michael Brown by police in Ferguson, MO. Hoft’s goal here, as always, is to either defend the right from attack or to attack the left, not to oppose tyranny or support human rights or discover truth. However, given how much noise the right has been making ever since the election of Barack Obama about tyranny and government overreach and the police state (Cliven Bundy, etc.), it becomes a bit inconvenient when an actual armed representative of government (a cop) guns down an unarmed man (boy, really) in broad daylight in the middle of the street. Consistency would dictate that if a pundit like Hoft is opposed to government overreach (especially the armed variety), then the execution of a young man should certainly raise at least as much outrage as simply leaning on a rancher for not paying grazing fees. And if local cops or the FBI had shot some of the armed-to-the-teeth protesters at the Bundy ranch, Hoft and the rest of the right-wing commentariat would have been up in arms with cries of tyranny and oppression. But because Michael Brown was a black kid in a poor neighborhood, Hoft understands that his “side” in this is the traditional conservative support for law and order, and he slips effortlessly from sounding like Che Guevara when describing the BLM’s “terrorism” against Bundy, to maligning a dead kid and defending the police in Ferguson.

How does Hoft malign the memory and insult the family of Michael Brown? By claiming, much like the entire right wing did in the Trayvon Martin case, that Brown “was a gangster.” Hoft’s post, as of this writing is entitled “BREAKING: Ferguson’s Michael Brown PICTURED Flashing GANG SIGNS” (but that wasn’t it’s original title, as you’ll see in a moment). The post goes on to show a number of photos where hand signals are being flashed. In two of them Brown is simply flipping the bird, which even Hoft must know is not a gang symbol, so its inclusion in his post must simply be for the shock factor: “ooh, look at that awful delinquent black thug-boy. He probably deserved what he got.” There’s that patented Hoft-brand bullshit at work. In fact, Hoft’s entire post is geared to elicit that reaction: that Michael Brown was probably a thug who deserved what he got. Remember, Hoft is primarily an ideologue, so it doesn’t matter to him if what he’s spewing is true or false…as long as posting false things doesn’t either affect Hoft personally (via a libel suit or similar), or negatively affect his cause (via being discredited as a fraud or liar).

Tellingly, this was not the original title of Hoft’s post. When he first posted it, Hoft entitled the post “BREAKING: Michael Brown Was a GANGSTER – Seen Flashing “BLOODS” Gang Signs.” Quite a difference between that and the title that’s up now. How do we know this was the original title? Not because Hoft helpfully left his readers a note saying the headline had been changed, but because Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs (who’s only too familiar with Hoft’s proclivities when it comes to erasing his past) captured the original version of the post and made it available for reference. Why the change? Who knows? Perhaps Hoft feared a lawsuit, and wanted to keep his nose just clean enough to avoid any serious threat of prosecution for libel. Or maybe Hoft worried that people would realize that just mugging for the camera with gang signs isn’t indicative of actual gang membership, as Doktor Zoom pointed out in a hilarious post at Wonkette that includes this photo. Or maybe Hoft feared ridicule and loss of status from such an overstated histrionic headline. Whatever the reason for the change, thank the quick screen capping work of a couple of bloggers familiar enough with Hoft to think to archive the original that you even know about it. Zoom’s post at Wonkette additionally points out that Hoft also posted up (and later deleted, again without notice) this photo that is racing around the right-wing fever-swamps:

photo of man with gun and money in his mouth

Jodah Cain, NOT Michael Brown

Why’d Hoft delete this one? Because it’s a photo of a boy named Jodah Cain, taken in 2013, NOT Michael Brown. Again, I don’t think this screw-up would matter to Hoft, except for the potential it has to either besmirch his own reputation, or to discredit or harm Hoft’s cause. But the pattern’s the same: Hoft goes into these posts knowing the story he wants to tell, the cause he wants to advance…and so he’s willing to put up anything that he thinks accomplishes that. It’s also why Hoft’s perhaps, ah, not the world’s most stringent fact-checker, shall we say. Hoft is willing to bullshit himself – and certainly all of us – if necessary, in service of his agenda. He’ll tell the truth if it fits his narrative…but if the truth isn’t available to Hoft, that won’t stop him from advancing his point. He’ll say whatever he thinks makes his point best, regardless of its veracity. Doing so runs the risk for Hoft of repeatedly being caught in falsehoods, many of them obvious or coarse, and that can tend to make Hoft look stupid. But although he’s certainly no genius, Hoft’s probably not the stupidest man on the internet, because stupidity isn’t what’s driving him primarily. Zealotry is.

War On Blacks

As sad as Robin Williams’ succumbing to depression made me, the unfolding horror show in Ferguson, MO has made me even sadder – and sick at heart. Less than a week after the backwaters of the internet exploded with a ginned-up fear of a “war on whites” based on Alabama Congressman Mo Brooks’ now-infamous assertion to FOX host Laura Ingraham, yet more evidence of a genuine, continuing war on blacks reared its ugly head in Ferguson. Yet another late-teenage black male, completely unarmed, shot to death – this time by police – as he was running away.

I had already been feeling sick and angry about this most recent senseless killing all on my own, but this is the piece that crystallized it, really brought it home for me. Especially this part:

By all accounts, Brown was One Of The Good Ones. But laying all this out, explaining all the ways in which he didn’t deserve to die like a dog in the street, is in itself disgraceful. Arguing whether Brown was a good kid or not is functionally arguing over whether he specifically deserved to die, a way of acknowledging that some black men ought to be executed.

To even acknowledge this line of debate is to start a larger argument about the worth, the very personhood, of a black man in America. It’s to engage in a cost-benefit analysis, weigh probabilities, and gauge the precise odds that Brown’s life was worth nothing against the threat he posed to the life of the man who killed him. It’s to deny that there are structural reasons why Brown was shot dead while James Eagan Holmes—who on July 20, 2012, walked into a movie theater and fired rounds into an audience, killing 12 and wounding 70 more—was taken alive. (emphasis mine)

Let that sink in for a moment. Really puts it in perspective, doesn’t it? Everyone was horrified at the Aurora shootings; horror and shock were the natural reactions to such sudden, inexplicable violence. But until just now, I’ll bet few people stopped to ask themselves why Holmes could undertake the actions he did…and walk away from it. That’s not to suggest that the official policy of any police department is to shoot first and ask questions later, even in cases of extreme violence. Police are taught to bring criminals to justice if it’s at all possible.

For example, in 2009, Richard Poplawski, a Stormfront.org regular who feared then-new President Obama was going to take away his rights, engaged in a four-hour shooting battle with Pittsburgh police. After killing three officers, Poplawski was eventually shot in the leg by police…and allowed to surrender. Similarly, in 2010, Byron Williams was so incensed by then FOX News host Glenn Beck’s constant rants against the little-known Tides Foundation that he armed himself heavily and was on the way to San Francisco home of the foundation. He was stopped on a local freeway before he could reach his destination or kill any innocents, after a shootout with police in which he fired at least ten rounds. The police expended a total of 198 rounds, several of which struck Williams…who was then allowed to surrender.

By contrast, Michael Brown tried to run away from the police after being shot once, but stopped 35 feet away from the patrol car after the officer fired a second shot. Then Brown (according to witnesses), shouted “I don’t have a gun, stop shooting!” Unfortunately, as the world knows by now, Brown – unlike white shooters Holmes, Poplawski and Williams – was not allowed to surrender. The still-unnamed officer shot Brown (who had his arms raised) a second time, killing him.

In light of such a disparity, it is impossible to deny, as Mr. Howard suggests in his piece, that there are reasons that go far beyond random happenstance why Michael Brown or Oscar Grant are dead, while actual criminals Holmes, Poplawski and Williams are in prison. Howard continues:

To ascribe this entirely to contempt for black men is to miss an essential variable, though—a very real, American fear of them. They—we—are inexplicably seen as a millions-strong army of potential killers, capable and cold enough that any single one could be a threat to a trained police officer in a bulletproof vest. There are reasons why white gun’s rights activists can walk into a Chipotle restaurant with assault rifles and be seen as gauche nuisances while unarmed black men are killed for reaching for their wallets or cell phones, or carrying children’s toys.


There is no greater privilege than knowing deep-down in a place you don’t even have to talk about with other people, that you will likely be given every benefit of the doubt even in the most extreme of situations or when you may be at your worst. And, I’d imagine, there are few fears greater than knowing that you almost certainly will not be given such consideration.

photo of Ferguson, MO protester

Sadly, No. We’re Not. Not Unless We’re Black. (photo credit: UPI)

***UPDATE*** I just learned that Michael Brown is not even the latest young, unarmed black man not given any benefit of the doubt by police in America. There’s even a tumblr now called If They Gunned Me Down…Which Picture Would They Use? Scores of young black people are posting side-by-side photos of themselves, one at their most youthful/rebellious…and one of them at their most mature and professional. Heartbreaking…and maddening.

Oh, and also? Just as the evidence keeps piling up even since Mike Brown’s death about how young black men are treated, there’s similarly no need to go as far back as Poplawski or Holmes to see how differently white men are treated. Here’s an example from this past Monday in Dallas, where a “sovereign citizen” named Douglas LeGuin broke into a gated subdivision, threatened an 8-year old girl and her babysitter, booby-trapped and set fire to the outside of their house, and told a 911 dispatcher that he had “seceded from the country” and was calling from the “independent republic of Doug-e-stan.” Then he set an ambush for the police, and started firing at them when they arrived.

When the SWAT team closed in on him, Mr. Dougie Doug from Doug-E-Stan was allowed to surrender, and is now in custody.

DCCC Is Sounding Desperate Now

photo of man with face in hands

I Can’t Believe We’re Not Gonna Retake The House!

Apparently, the email the DCCC recently sent out that attempted to sound like a collection agency wasn’t enough. Had you asked me, after receiving that one, whether I’d see anything worse from the DCCC in this campaign cycle, I’d have said no.

And I’d have been wrong.

This is Steve Israel’s DCCC, after all, and I suspect that, although they can’t and won’t admit such a thing during a crucial election cycle, even many inside the DCCC itself can see how bad the situation is shaping up to be. With this last email, the DCCC is sounding desperate.  Here’s a copy of the text of the email, with the reply/challenge I sent to them appended afterward [comments in brackets inside DCCC email are mine]:

On Jul 31, 2014, at 9:22 PM, BREAKING@dccc.org <dccc@dccc.org> wrote:

Subject: All Hope Is Lost [oooh, Armageddon-y. Hang on, let me put some apocalypso on the stereo, I'll be right back]

We’re nearly out of time — so we won’t waste any:

News just broke that Boehner shook down his Tea Party Republicans THIS MORNING for last-minute cash. Boehner knows that if he can beat us on tonight’s deadline — after everything that’s happened — then all hope will be lost for us to win a Democratic House.

To be blunt about it: There are just 96 days until the election. If we fall behind now, we can just throw in the towel on a Democratic House for President Obama’s final two years. [usual ALLCAPS appeal for specific dollar amount follows]

My response (race-specific data drawn from the always on-top-of-it Howie Klein of ActBlue and DownWithTyranny!):

No, you idiots, all hope for retaking the House is not lost because John Boehner might out-raise you on small donors by the artificial deadline of last night. All hope for retaking the House was lost some time ago, when Nancy Pelosi decided to re-up the disastrous Steve Israel as Chair of your organization, the DCCC.

Since then, Israel has *COMPLETELY* avoided spending any of the money you ask people like me for on contesting any of the following races:

• NY-02- Peter King (R+1)
• MI-06- Fred Upton (R+1)
• WA-08- Dave Reichert (R+1)
• FL-13- Dave Jolly (R+1)
• FL-27- Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R+2)
• WI-08- Reid Ribble (R+2)
• WI-07- Sean Duffy (R+2)
• MN-03- Erik Paulsen (R+2)
• PA-07- Patrick Meehan (R+2)
• PA-15- Charlie Dent (R+2)
• MI-08- Mike Rogers (retiring) (R+2)
• WA-03- Jaime Herrera Beutler (R+2)
• NY-22- Richard Hanna (R+3)
• CA-25- Buck McKeon (retiring) (R+3)
• WI-01- Paul Ryan (R+3)
• OH-10- Michael Turner (R+3)

All of those Republicans are in districts that are WELL within striking range of a solid, well-funded Democratic challenger. But the DCCC is nowhere to be found, in any of them. Instead, Chairman Israel apparently feels he’ll have better success backing the following candidates in districts that are anywhere from R+4 to R+15 (15!!!):

• NE-02- Brad Ashford (R+4)
• MI-01- Jerry Cannon (R+5)
• IN-02- Joe Bock (R+6)
• MT-AL- John Lewis (R+7)
• AR-02- Patrick Henry Hays (R+8)
• OH-06- Jennifer Garrison (R+8)
• KY-06- Elisabeth Jensen (R+9)
• ND-AL- George Sinner (R+10)
• WV-02- Nick Casey (R+11)
• AR-01- Jackie McPherson (R+14)
• WV-01- Glen Gainer (R+14)
• AR-04- James Lee Witt (R+15)

I’ll tell you what. If *ANYONE* reading this (if indeed anyone at ALL reads it at the DCCC) can tell me convincingly which of the above races are MORE winnable than ANY of the ones from the first list, I will donate $100.

I look forward to your response.


Lars Olsson


UPDATE: after hitting the send button (which I waited to do until this post was written), this is the (auto)response I received:

Delivery has failed to these recipients. The recipient’s mailbox is full and can’t accept messages now.

Good to know they’re on top of things.