Reading The Script

Oh, LORD. I suppose I should at least pretend to be surprised at this, but I just can’t muster it. Watch a FOX “News” bobblehead literally reading from a Senate Republican talking-points sheet.

No, really.

How do I know this is so, and it wasn’t simply a striking coincidence? Just go read it. And then bookmark the link, for the next time someone tries to tell you that FAUX Noise is “Fair & Balanced.”

**UPDATE** – FAUX “News” bobblehead Jon Scott, caught with his hand in the GOP cookie-jar, has managed to choke out an on-air apology….sort of. If you’ve got a strong gag reflex, I’d advise against watching the “apology,” but if you’re either a masochist or in possession of an unusually strong constitution, then just do a YouTube search on “Jon Scott Apologizes,” and you should find it immediately. Aw, heck – here it is…but the same warning applies: only for the strong of stomach:

OK, if you’re the sort of person who’s not sure your stomach can stand viewing self-serving weaselly non-apologies, the gist of it is this: in the above video, Scott, on behalf of the whole FAUX “News” crew, apologizes…for having included a typo (the “Dec 2009” attribution of an article, the exact same typo made in the Senate GOP’s fact sheet). That’s nice and all – I guess – but the problem is that he DOESN’T apologize for having literally read a GOP talking points memo on the air, without attribution, as if it were news instead of spin, and as if it were a result of FAUX’s own “hard-hitting journalism,” and their own objective, deductive reasoning.

News crews, under the pressure of the 24-hour-a-day news cycle, make minor typographical errors all the time…and they don’t tend to apologize for each and every one of them, especially if they’re inconsequential. But Scott and FAUX know that the reason this particular typo is significant is that it was in the original Senate GOP memo AND in Scott’s “reporting,” which is what proves that he was simply parroting GOP propaganda.

Siiiiiiiigh….say it with me, people (like you’d tell your four-year-old children): apologizing for the typo but not the plagiaristic propaganda-spewing on behalf of a nationally “respected” news outlet whose tagline is “Fair and Balanced” is like the leader of a band of crazed Visigoths apologizing (only after getting caught red-handed) for having trampled the tulips in the flowerbed during their rush to break down your door in order to gang-rape your daughter….but not for the, ah, violation itself.

But that’s just FOX, I guess, those wacky Visigoths…