The Employee Free Choice Act

A lot of US political commentators these days are saying they suspect there will be no fight more contentious in the current session of congress than the one already boiling (but far from over) about the Employee Free Choice Act. This is the bill which opponents (which apparently includes the entire Republican party) have apparently chosen as the hill they want to win or die on this term. Supporters of the bill include labor-unions such as AFL-CIO, SEIU and their allies.

Normally, I’d include a bit of an explanation here about what EFCA is and what it does. But due to the blizzard of information (and no small bit of misinformation) already in the public sphere, this time, I’ve been wondering what we all know about it.

So instead of describing it as accurately as I can, or even telling you what I think, I’m going to conduct a little experiment here. We’re going to have a poll. Please direct your eyes to the left side of the page, where you will see our snazzy new polling apparatus. I probably won’t have a poll running all the time, but for now, it’s available to everyone. That’s right, this poll can be voted in by anyone. You do not have to have registered here at to vote. And you do not have to affix your name to your vote. Only aggregate data will be collected, meaning that I won’t be naming any names (indeed, I can’t even SEE names, only IP addresses). Results will not be released for a while, since it would obviously skew the data, and this blog doesn’t get that much traffic anyway. So feel free to vote (but only once, please – honor system – and after a while, I’ll publish the results of what we think we know (or what we’ve been told) about EFCA vs. what the actual facts are. So check over in the sidebar for the poll, and show us what you know. And I trust y’all to use the honor system to answer, too: just give your best answer based on what you know right now, not on what you find out after digging around on the internet for an hour.