Some Things Never Change

Today, after six days of being out of the country (apparently in Argentina, after his staff telling the media and his constituents that he was merely “hiking the Appalachian trail”), Governor Mark Sanford returned to the USA and held a press conference at approximately 2pm, in which he – to many people’s surprise – confessed that he had not only been in Argentina, but that his reason for going there was to cheat on his wife with a friend who lives there.

Usual fake weeping and wailing and rending of garments ensued.

But wanna know what’s kept ME afloat during these difficult, trying times, not knowing whether I can count on the Governor of South Carolina to be the moral rock I’ve come to expect him to be on such issues, from past performances like voting to remove Bill Clinton from office over similar issues? Wanna know what’s been my own, personal, rock of Gibraltar during this tough and uncertain time? The knowledge that if there is a Republican officeholder – ANY Republican officeholder – who has fallen out of favor either with the majority of the Republican base (due to ideological “failings”) or with the country at large (due to sterner matters like adultery or launching wars so unpopular that the official in question sets a new record for lowest popularity)?

That FOX News will, without fail, and withIN one news cycle (i.e. – one day), run a chyron of that official for several minutes, identifying the official as a Democrat:

FOX News Identifies Mark Sanford As A Democrat

I dunno why anyone should be surprised at this little “oopsie.” It’s not as if FOX doesn’t do this sort of thing regularly – and only, seemingly, to wildly unpopular Republicans, or ones caught in scandal or criminal behavior. Remember Mark Foley, the Florida congressman who resigned after it was discovered that he’d been hitting via text-message on underage male Congressional pages? Sure you do. Though, if you were a GOP voter in his district, regardless of what you thought of his fetish for teenage boys, you’d have been a bit startled to see this chyron running on FOX that evening on (who else) Bill O’Reilly’s show, under a taped interview with Foley:

Mark Foley, D-FL??

Like I said, good to know that in a world where so much is fleeting, transitory and ephemeral, some things truly never DO change. The sun rises, the Earth spins, and FOX News tries to label every miscreant Republican a Democrat.  😆