Dip Hop, Part II

OK, to be fair, I actually can’t be 100% sure that the above video is, in fact, only Part Deux (as Charlie Sheen would say) in the illustrative “career” of the “YoungCons.” For all I know, it may in fact be Part XVII. Or it might be Part CXXIV. Or MMMDXII 1/2.

Why don’t I know? Because I can’t bear to track down these rhythmically-challenged, oxblood pennyloafer-wearing hosers and subscribe to whatever obviously recurring video-feed they have set up in some dank, godforsaken corner of the internets. Frankly, their “work” is just too squicky, on so many levels, for me to even begin to want to do so. Full confession: I did not even watch all the way through to the end of the above video, so I’d be the last one to blame you if you didn’t, either. I just came across it as I was passing through one of my regular web haunts. So, in the spirit of finding something (entirely by smell) in an advanced state of decomposition lurking at the back of your refrigerator like a semi-sentient blob of primordial ooze/goo and immediately turning to your significant other and barking: “hey, honey!…come here and smell this – it’s NASTY!” — I decided to immediately share it with you all.

No, really — no thanks necessary.