Hi, We're America. We Kill People.

That may sound like the whiniest, most squishy-liberal, anti-American blog headline every, but I have to tell you: I’m not sure what other reaction is appropriate after seeing the chart that accompanies this article:

That’s simply astonishing. I think everyone sort of already knows that America’s manufacturing base has been slowly declining since the pushback against the gains of organized labor during the 1930s. But I don’t think most people truly realize, as we become a nation of day-traders and boutique-owners and software developers, just exactly how bad things have gotten. But it’s pretty hard to deny, after a glance at this chart.

So, in addition to spending more on our military than every other country on Earth, we now know for sure that we also – despite our wealth – spend a greater amount of that wealth producing durable goods for war, also. I can’t even express how truly heartsick that makes me.

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