What Really Happened At McCaskill’s Town Hall

This video is actually shocking. Initially, I agreed with another blogger who wrote, upon first seeing the much-shorter clip which showed the tea-bagger getting up, ripping the Rosa Parks poster away from the woman and shredding it, that it was “especially fucked up.” I filed it away under “reason #2,892 to despise the teabaggers’ organizing tactics and thuggery.” But, like the original blogger who commented “that’s especially fucked up,” I filed it away under “over and done, just another instance of teabagger thuggery.”

Apparently not.

Turns out, there’s a bit more to the story. The good folks at Hating Not Debating did yeomans’ work putting together multiple video and audio clips into a coherent narrative which clearly shows not only the bias of many in the crowd, but also puts the event’s police and security in a terraibly bad, indefensible and embarrassing position:


4 thoughts on “What Really Happened At McCaskill’s Town Hall

  1. Proud Tea Bagger here! Coming to bitch slap a stupid ass liberal (blog owner), who is meddler. Definition of a meddler is somebody who thinks they know somebody about a subject but know nothing. Also defined as a racist Democrat.

    Liberal Democrat fools have been tinkering with the black community, for their own benefit. Like black people are some sort of “ant farm.” In THIS case, this knuckledragger blogger wants to USE a live black woman (tea party participant), a dead black woman (Rosa Parks), and presumes the white man was, as ignoramus blogger puts it, a “tea bagger.” Surprise, PAB blogger…the “tea bagger” was a fan of McCaskill!

    Leave black people the FUCK alone! You racist, cross-burning, corn-fed, inbred, incestuous Democrat!

  2. Liberal Democrat fools have been tinkering with the black community, for their own benefit. Like black people are some sort of “ant farm.”

    They have? Seems to have been working, then, given the party affiliation of the African American community in general, and the historical Presidential voting patterns of African Americans in Presidential elections. Also explains why – despite the GOP frantically promoting any and all African Americans they can find to positions of prominence (see: Steele, Michael and Watts, J.C.) there are damned few elected black Republicans. What’s that you say? There’d be more, if it weren’t for those damned interfering racist Democrats? Sounds to me as if you don’t have a very high opinion of most African Americans’ intelligence or perception, if they can be duped so easily by Democrats. [eye roll]

    However, you’ve presented a pretty interesting explanation for this event: that the Rosa Parks sign-carrying black woman was the teabagger, and the white asshole who took it away and tore it up was actually a health care reform supporter. Let’s get a couple of things straight, here, before we go on. There are two main issues exposed by this video: one is the despicable behavior of the man who took away and tore up that woman’s poster. He’s clearly not a member of security, but rather simply an opponent of the woman’s position. But – as has happened frequently at town halls throughout the country in the month of August – the tactics he used are not dialogue, they are not even contentious debate. They are simply intimidation and thuggery. It was he, and not the woman, who should have been dragged out of that gym. Unless, before the video started, she was doing something equally thuggish to him or others, in which both should have been ejected. Because those town halls are set up for constituents to be able to hear – and ask questions of – their representatives, and many of the consciously pre-planned tactics of the teabaggers, distributed by fax and email around the country, specifically call for tactics which are designed to shut down, not engage in, debate — just as this unidentified poster-ripper was doing.

    The second major point, though, is the matter of race — and it’s independent of the first point, since the racial issue doesn’t enter the picture until you see the rest of the video that had nothing directly to do with the poster-ripping incident. And the issue of race is ALSO – and this is important, so you might want to pay attention, chump – completely independent of the political persuasion of either the large black woman in the video OR the anonymous white poster-ripper. Their actions should speak for themselves, and it would not matter to me what the political persuasion or party of the poster-ripper were; his actions were simple thuggery, and he should have been ejected from that meeting, not the black woman (unless, like I said, she was doing thuggish stuff that just wasn’t captured on the video). But the racial element comes in – disturbingly – when we see that the police and/or security for the event identified several white teabaggers holding yellow “don’t tread on me” signs which were about the same size as the Rosa Parks poster the ejected black woman was holding. The police/security talked to these white teabaggers….but did not ask them to leave or drag them out forcefully, as they did the black woman. Now, granted, the black woman was shouting and unruly, and the sign-carrying white teabaggers were not. But I think I’d be angry too, if an opposing member of the crowd assaulted me and destroyed my sign…and then the cops/security grabbed ME and not the guy who assaulted me. Either way, there should have been a single standard applied for whether sign-carrying/waving was permitted inside the gym during the meeting. I can see security making a case (free speech) that it should be allowed by anyone, or I can see them deciding that it could impede other people’s view and be a distraction. Don’t really have an opinion on which of those decisions would be better, but I most certainly have an opinion that they should have decided such things in advance, and then applied one consistent standard across the board.

    The way it went down, however, it’s pretty hard to avoid a charge that the security of the event behaved in a manner that appears racially biased: they dragged a black woman out for holding a Rosa Parks sign, but left at least two (that I could see on the video) white guys holding “Don’t Tread On Me” signs alone with just a “friendly visit.” I can’t tell whether the cops who talked with the white guys were the same ones who helped drag the black woman out, but it really doesn’t matter: standards should have been consistent throughout the hall, not left to the discretion of individual cops/security guards.

    So, to sum up: I really don’t care if you are correct that the black woman was a teabagger and the white poster-ripper was a health-care reform advocate. From what I saw on the video, HE should have been dragged out, not her. Even more importantly, once they started dragging people out for sign-carrying, they should have dragged everyone who was carrying a sign out — or taken away their signs. A stupid, stupid mistake — at best, and possibly distinctly racist behavior — on the part of security at the event.

    Finally, I notice that you don’t provide ANY evidence to support your assertion that the asshole white poster-ripper was a health care reform advocate and the black woman was a teabagger. Do you have some sort of link or other evidence of that?

  3. to “kevin jackson” real name? lol! the black woman was not a tea bagger. if you had bothered to look at the video, the white man was holding up a teabagger emblem,the black community is with the democratic party because the repcon party is a non starter for us. the repcon party have used race baiting politics for 5 decades and they only seem to be stepping up the practice. when a system that makes other parties more powerful, then black folks will consider those parties. your note was extremely lame. you are going to have to do better if you want results.

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