Smell The Bipartisanship

The Columbian (Washington State) has an interesting article interviewing a local couple who received a survey from the RNC, signed by Michael Steele, on health care. The noteworthy portion?

It has been suggested that the government could use voter registration to determine a person’s political affiliation, prompting fears that GOP voters might be discriminated against for medical treatment in a Democrat-imposed health care rationing system. Does this possibility concern you?

You stay classy, RNC.

These are the guys who we’re still trying to bring on-board to a “bipartisan bill” by watering down and weakening key portions of the health care bill in order to make it more palatable to them? Does ANYONE whose last name is not Emanuel or Obama still believe that these ill-intentioned clowns have any intention whatsoever of voting for any health care reform the President and Democratic Congress propose? Really?

Ted Kennedy died with his life’s work unfinished. Kennedy was also a sailor, on the ocean and in the Senate. He knew the value of sometimes having to tack back and forth to eventually get where you need to go; he was renowned for truly being able to reach across the aisle and engage the Republicans. But as a sailor, he also knew the wisdom of not even attempting to put out to sea in a hurricane. And, on health care, Kennedy knew the Republicans oppose this with every breath in their bodies, just like they opposed Medicare and Social Security (many still DO!), because they know that, to the extent such a clearly government-sponsored program works in measurable ways to make people’s lives better than they were before (and without major negative impact of the sort Republicans have been fear-mongering about), it directly refutes the GOP’s entire philosophy that “government IS the problem.” They’ve been feeding us that line since Reagan (and even before, actually), and the wonder of it is that they actually got a fair number of people to even believe such a transparent idiocy. They’re not going to “compromise” on any issue which has even a remote chance of showing perhaps their chief philosophical argument up for what it is: simply false.

Kennedy knew it; that’s why he described – in his last major speech, at the Democratic convention exactly a year before his death – the obstacles to health care reform as “gridlock”….and he wasn’t talking about his own party.┬áIt’s time to put away the peace-pipe, gang, and bring out the brass knuckles. It’s time to win one for the Skipper (h/t Stephanie Miller)