Call To Action Day(s)

We’ve been told that the final version of the Senate finance committee version of the health care reform bill will be out of committee by tomorrow (Tuesday, 9/29). So if there were ever a time for you to write, call, tweet, email, and send carrier pigeons to your congresscritters, now is it. Tell them you want a full and robust public option, and that you’ll be paying attention to which Democrats don’t vote for (or vote against) one. They need to actually deliver on their mandate.

The electorate has given them historic victories in the last two elections, which, together, add up to a rarely-seen majority. And as the Republicans are so fond of pointing out these days, the Democrats have (or should have) the votes to do whatever they want. This is one of the few times the Republicans are right; they Republicans ARE irrelevant. If health care reform fails in the Senate – or if it gets mangled and watered down enough that it doesn’t do anybody any good – they will have no one to blame but themselves.

However, for the timorous, timid, spineless Democrats out there: the upside to that equation is that, with the Republicans content to sit on the sidelines and throw feces, if you CAN get good healthcare reform passed, then all the CREDIT is yours, too, Democrats. As the President has said on more than one occasion: now is our moment. Now is our time. And it’s our job in the next two days to make sure those guys hear from us and let them know we’re watching, and that we will take nothing less than comprehensive health care reform which covers the uninsured and stops the insanity of increasing health care costs for consumers. Just do it. Now.