Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize – Wingnut Heads Explode

…in: 3….2….1….XXXX!!!

***UPDATE*** (10/9/09) – Rachel Maddow has an excellent segment on the historical context of Obama’s Nobel win. She points out that it wasn’t until ten years AFTER Desmond Tutu won the NPP that apartheid actually fell. That the Burmese junta is still in power, and that the League of Nations (for which Woodrow Wilson won it – the last sitting U.S. president to win it) never amounted to what its aspirations were. In other words, the wingnuts crying “but what has Obama ACCOMPLISHED?” don’t have a good grasp of the history of how the prize is awarded.

But seriously, folks – as much fun as it is to watch douchebag pseudo-liberals like Mark Halperin over at the Daily Beast wax petulant about the awarding of the NPP to Obama, I have to confess that the Nobel Committee’s reasoning is unique in their history:

(Nobel Committee chairman Thorbjorn) Jagland said the decision was “unanimous” and came with ease.

Jagland said the Committee honored Obama…

…for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.

Only very rarely has a person to the same extent as Obama captured the world’s attention and given its people hope for a better future,” the committee said.

His diplomacy is founded in the concept that those who are to lead the world must do so on the basis of values and attitudes that are shared by the majority of the world’s population,” it said.

Jagland rejected the notion that Obama had been recognized prematurely for his efforts and said the committee wanted to promote the president just it had Mikhail Gorbachev in 1990 in his efforts to open up the Soviet Union.

I, however, hold a different view, which can be essentially summed up thusly: Nobel, Schmobel – you haven’t really arrived until they do your head in Chia:

Now THAT’S what I call an honor!


2 thoughts on “Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize – Wingnut Heads Explode

  1. You know, at first I was like “wow, how awesome” but the more I mull it over, the less enthusiastic I am about it. I *do* think it’s premature and I think it’s just going to ratchet up the crazy.

    1. I think it’s just going to ratchet up the crazy.

      Ordinarily, I’d agree….but take a moment first to consider what you’re suggesting will happen: you said you think this will “ratchet up the crazy?” More than this? Or this? Or this?

      I think the sad, scary truth is that the crazy can’t really go any higher than it already is anyway. It was at an insane level already when we went to bed last night, before any of the wingnuts (or anyone else) knew that he’d won the NPP. And “the crazy” likely will remain at that elevated level (DHS color-chart reference, LOL) regardless of what Obama does or doesn’t do.

      We’re already well into assassination-level territory; the language being used today about (against) Obama is already eerily similar to what was being used against President Kennedy (and his brother) before each of them were shot; it’s simply a matter of happenstance and Secret Service vigilance, in my opinion, that Obama makes it through even one term without at least an attempt, let alone a success, by some nutcake with a shelf full of Glenn Beck and Rancid Limburger books, to assassinate him.

      I fear for Mr. Obama sometimes, but I know he’s plenty smart enough to have known what he was signing up for, in this respect and in others, when he decided to campaign for the top job. Let’s just hope that luck is with him on a personal level, and/or that the Secret Service is as good at their job as I think they are.

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