Who CARES???

John Cole at Balloon Juice gets at something that’s been irritating me like a persistent toothache: the near-ubiquitous presence of Liz Cheney on cable news (well, OK, mostly FAUX, which even the White House is flatly asserting lately ain’t real news – but still):

I’m really sick of this infatuation with Liz Cheney. The only reason the media is paying any attention to her is because she will launch wild attacks on the current administration. She’s basically a less-attractive Sarah Palin with a more prominent lineage.

Who cares what she thinks? Aren’t there people who actually know things who you could talk to…?

That’s exactly it. Cole wonders whether the media’s been asking similar questions of Amy Carter and Jenna Bush, which is completely on point, too. But Cheney’s actually been reminding me of someone else who’s been in the media a lot lately: Jon Gosselin.

Gosselin’s famous in a very different arena than Cheney, but for actually much the same reasons. He got on TV due to the accident of his wife having had sextuplets and the two of them deciding to make hay dough out of the situation by allowing several dozen cameras into their homes, turning their family’s life into a TLC reality show. But now, as his marriage to Kate Gosselin has fallen apart and he has moved out of the house and filed for divorce, every time I see his face on the cover of some cheesy checkout-aisle tabloid, touring the Bahamas with his girlfriend or talking about the new line of clothing he’s designing (or, more accurately, lending his name to), I think: “why the heck do we care what this guy thinks or has to say, again?”

Which is exactly what I think when I see Liz Cheney bloviating in support of torture or pre-emptive war: “why do we care what this daughter of privilege thinks?” She has been a mid-level staffer at the State Department during Bush’s term (nepotism, anyone?), and that’s about it, in terms of her qualifications to offer opinions that are in any more worthy than Glenn Beck’s. Unless, of course, you count being the daughter of perhaps the most powerful vice-president in American history. Oh, and being willing to launch outrageous but unapologetic broadsides against literally everything president Obama does.

Other than that, though…who gives a damn what Liz Cheney thinks?