New International Copyright Treaty Being Developed In Secret

BoingBoing catches this appalling news of a new copyright deal being drawn up in secret, away from any governmental oversight. In fact, the Obama administration recently denied a FOIA request to see the documents, citing “national security.”

I don’t know whether that’s a legitimate claim, but it sure sounds suspect on its face: we’re talking about corporations’ right(s) to make money of virtually everything, here, not some shady wiretapping-of-terrorists deal. At least, when Bush did the warrantless wiretapping in secret and in contravention of US law (FISA), it could be theoretically argued – and was, by the Bushies – that they did what they did to prevent another terrorist attack on the US mainland. What possible justification can the Obama administration use for keeping even the negotiations and drafts of what looks to be a purely non-military, commerce-based treaty, which would unquestionably have enormous ramifications on personal liberties and the relationship between corporate power and individual rights) hidden from public scrutiny?

Read the whole thing, it’s pretty disturbing.