Reid Reassures The Left Lieberman Is 'On Board'

So says The Hill. I don’t know if I believe it:

Sen. Joe Lieberman has reached a private understanding with Majority Leader Harry Reid that he will not block a final vote on healthcare reform, according to two sources briefed on the matter.

…but later (same article):

Lieberman’s spokesman said Monday that nothing has changed from last week, when the senator said he would support calling up the bill but would block a final vote.

So “unnamed sources” says Reid says Lieberman is on board, but Lieberman’s spokesman says “no change.” Great.

It could be all true (that Lieberman is “on board”), or it could be Lieberman just trying to play all sides to the middle, for his own benefit (again). Or, sadly, it wouldn’t surprise me at all to learn that this is Harry Reid projecting onto Lieberman positions he merely wishes Lieberman held. Frankly, Reid’s leadership has been so abominably bad, particularly when it comes to getting pushed around by the Blue Dogs and so-called “conservadems” within his own caucus, that it wouldn’t surprise me to learn that Reid had just been engaging in some wishful thinking.

For whatever it’s worth, the story itself (in The Hill) is perilously thin on sourcing of any reliability. The Hill is a paper that focuses on goings-on on capitol hill, which of necessity means that it regularly trades in rumor and “off-the-record” sourcing. But it also makes them more-than-ordinarily susceptible to getting punked by skillful but ill-intentioned political operators. Take this one with a pillar of salt….but, as written, it IS a glimmer of hope for genuine health care reform.