Masters Of The Universe

The irreplaceable zero hedge gives us a little peek behind the curtain at the kind of malevolence and indifference to the fortunes (both senses of the word) of others with which the country’s only remaining “investment bank” operates.

Goldman is raising the target price of a company, for which it still in the process of soliciting stock interest until November 17th (one would imagine some sort of analyst quiet period would be in force, if noting else), only so it can be paid more, as the higher the price the deal is done at, the more money Goldman recoups: a preliminary estimate given by the prospectus on page 65 is that Goldman will end up with the lion’s share of roughly €58.6 million (a number that will fluctuate only based on the final deal price). What is truly flagrant, is that Goldman is using this very underwriting whose success is dependant on Goldman’s actions, as a catalyst for the stock upgrade.