Cloture Motion To Begin Debate Passes On Party-Line Vote

60-39. All GoOPers except for one (don’t know who wasn’t there), voted to filibuster even allowing debate to BEGIN.

That’s including the all-powerful President Olympia Snowe. Why ANY Democrat, liberal, progressive or in fact anyone not of the teabagger persuasion pays even the slightest bit of attention to that spotlight-hogging backstabber, I’ve no freaking idea at all. Seriously. Did ANYONE think the Snowe-jobber was really going to vote for a reasonable health care bill, in the end? Of course not. And she won’t. Hell, if she’d had her way (and two more Senators), they wouldn’t even have begun debate on it.

Snowe should absolutely be shunned from future negotiations over health care, unless she makes and keeps specific promises, without demanding concession after concession. It’s just not worth it for Empress Snowe’s lone vote.