FOX News Math

Look out, Obama: this is some strong support for GOP Presidential hopefuls!

Maybe it’s just too many years of overexaggeration from motivational speakers and football coaches about “giving it 110% out there today,” but whether it’s that or all that fine, fine anti-science home-schoolin’, something has made the folks at FOX News pretty bad at math, as we can see from the following graphic in which the entire Republican party – all 193% of it – support either Palin, Romney or Huckabee in early polling for the 2012 election:

70% Palin + 60% Romney + 63% Huckabee = 193% total. Back to fifth grade, boys and girls…unless….hey, maybe that’s how they win elections – they just turn out whatever percentage they need to beat the Democrat in the race. Lord knows it sure ain’t on the strength of their ideas. How well does “I’m agin’ it!” sell, when it’s your only idea? 😉