Media (And Obama White House) Doing Best Claude Rains Impression

They’re shocked, SHOCKED, to find gambling going on in here that “the left” actually isn’t all Kum-ba-yah with the Obama agenda. I don’t move in the circles Kos does, and therefore don’t get reporters from Politico asking me for my thoughts by the end of the day on whether “the left” (why do people NEVER define this, especially when they wish to slag it off?) is having “buyers’ remorse” about electing Obama, especially over Hillary Clinton. But I can say without even giving it much thought that, had I been the recipient of such an offline request, I’d have given it exactly the same treatment that Kos does here – publishing it on his extremely well-traveled blog:

Politico reporter Daniel Libit sends me this query:

Working on a story with another reporter about the increasing similarity between Barack Obama’s policies and Hillary Clinton’s primary platform and whether Democrats might have viewed the primary differently if they knew then what they know now. Would love to get your thoughts on the state of buyer’s remorse. Might you be able to send me something before day’s out?

My response:

My god, what a stupid premise.

Of course Obama and Clinton had similar platforms. They’re both mainstream Democrats! But for a publication addicted to Drudge headlines, what could be better than a screaming headline proclaiming that Democrats had “buyer’s remorse”, even if that sentiment was wholly manufactured by Politico reporters?

and Digby adds:

Ferchristsake. Please, please spare us any more Drudgico stories about “the left.” Dredging up the primaries is nothing more than cheap link bait, designed to create a story where none exists. The left has been pushing Obama hard from the moment he took office, which seems to come as a surprise to the denizens of the village who assumed that everyone would spend the next four years sitting around playing the “I Got A Crush on Obama” Youtube on a loop while muttering “yes we can” under our breath. The only one who who seems to have actually done that is Tom Hayden, and when he finally looked up he felt, like, so totally betrayed.

Clinton and Obama are both mainstream Democrats who occupy exactly the same political terrain in the party and always did. That’s what made the primary so bloody. It was about personal identification, style and aspiration — the differences between the two camps were never about policy because there was no substantial difference in their policies.

This is a trumped up story about nothing. But then, that’s the Politico’s specialty.

Egg-sactly. To both Digby and Kos. Perfect response to a cheesy attempt at a non-story.