Radical Asshats

Who are these ill-intentioned shitheads?:

House Republicans are preparing for a trip to Copenhagen and looking to derail Democratic efforts to negotiate an international climate agreement.

About a half-dozen Republicans will make the trip to Denmark to oppose plans for cap-and-trade legislation, express their discontent with the scientific community that researches climate change and call for the United Nations to halt any negotiations until the academic scandal known as “Climategate” is resolved.

I didn’t like the idea of the Imperial Presidency when Dick Cheney (and, I might add, virtually all of the above-mentioned Republican assholes) were pushing so hard for it in the early part of this decade, and I won’t be happy with Obama either, if he starts exhibiting similar tendencies (he hasn’t, so far). But get cryin’ out loud, the man is the President (lunatic birther claims notwithstanding); let’s give him some operating room – and some respect.

From what I remember, the President has the power to negotiate treaties, the Senate ratifies them. That’s the way it’s supposed to work. Beyond that matter of U.S. law, there’s the ages-old custom of politics stopping at the water’s edge, a tradition long-observed by both parties. So just what the hell do Messrs. (according to the Politico piece) “Joe Barton, Jim Sensenbrenner, Darrell Issa and Marsha Blackburn” think they’re going to do in Copenhagen? Do they really intend to publicly rise on foreign soil in opposition to their own country’s leader, the man empowered to make treaties on behalf of the nation?

Look – wingnuts – we get it. Really, we do. You’re pissed because you’re in the minority instead of running the whole show like you were for four glorious years completely unfettered under Dubua (and it’s quite clear you believe this is your rightful place in the order of things). You really, REALLY believe that dinosaurs are just Jesus ponies and that conservation and environmentalism are wrong because they’re only delaying the rapture. And more than anything else, you just. can’t. stand. the fact that Barack Obama, a black Democrat, is President. We get it — you’ve made it abundantly clear over the past eleven months.

But that doesn’t change the Constitution, and your role in it. You guys want to stop Obama from committing America to reductions in greenhouse gas emissions? See if you can raise enough votes in the Senate. THAT’S your role, your place.

Come to think of it, maybe that’s why you’re all flying your sorry butts all the way to Denmark: because you know you can’t even muster enough votes to properly obstruct this one.

Shame, really – try winning a few elections, and maybe you can go back to waterboarding brown people for God & Country.