Update on Auschwitz Gate Sign Theft

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the disgusting theft of the sign which stood over the gate to perhaps the most infamous of the Nazi death camps, Auschwitz. In that post, I speculated

That’s why I’m 99% sure that whoever stole the Auschwitz sign at this late date is not some justifiably angry relative of a victim of the “camp’s” atrocities, but rather a thoroughly vile, latter-day racist, anti-Semite troglodyte (or group of them). Because at this point, who else would WANT such a thing?

I missed the story that two days later, the sign was recovered, having been stolen by a group of four men. But yesterday comes word that apparently, the motive behind the theft was exactly as I suspected:

The British tabloid Sunday Mirror reported that an unnamed wealthy British Nazi sympathizer living in Sweden was the impetus for last month’s theft, but investigators have not confirmed that.

The British collector reportedly let it be known in the wider neo-Nazi scene that he was prepared to pay a large amount of money for the sign, the recent theft of which has caused a global stir.

The collector wanted it as a trophy – and used his neo-Nazi contacts to put word out he was prepared to pay huge money for it,” a source in Sweden told the Mirror.

That’s not all, apparently:

The Sunday Mirror quoted the source as saying the plan had been to ship the sign to a group of Swedish neo-Nazis, who would keep it in a cellar in Stockholm until they could transfer it to the British collector.

The paper reported that, had the sale gone through, the money would have been used to fund neo-Nazi projects in Sweden, including possible plans to disrupt elections scheduled for this year.

Good. I’m glad these thieves were caught. I’m glad that Mr. Wealthy British Neo-Nazi was denied his prize. And I’m especially glad that the “large sum” he would have paid isn’t going to enable the regime of Adolf Hitler to strike one more blow for hatred and bigotry, from beyond the grave.

Who wants to bet that the unnamed fascist financier was a big liberal/Democrat?

Yeah. Me, neither.