What The GOP Means By "Bipartisanship"

It may come as no surprise that Nevada Senator John Ensign is a vile, lying, cheating, sanctimonious sleazeball after the revelations about his having had an affair with a staffer and then having his parents pay the staffer and her children $90,000 in what looks suspiciously like hush money, to say nothing of the subsequent allegations that Ensign also illegally found a prime lobbying job for that staffer’s husband, and steered constituents with business before his committees to that staffer’s firm.

So perhaps I’m asking a bit much of anyone to truly be surprised by the following public messages from Senator Happy Ensign. But the following three tweets from Ensign so perfectly capture both the Republicans’ whole tactic of absolute obstructionism of literally all of either Obama’s or the Democratic congress’ initiatives, as well as the GOP’s sneering mendacity and complete lack of either principles (other than: “we want power back,” if that can rightly be called a principle) or shame in so doing.

Ensign fired off three tweets in succession this evening. Here’s his first tweet:

Democrats are going to try to push health care through a procedure known as reconciliation. This is outrageous. The American people want us (and here’s the second, a continuation of the previous tweet) to stop this bill. Here in the senate we’re going to fight with everything we have to kill it.

Charming, eh? Well, if you liked that one, you’ll positively swoon for this one, his third – or, what Ensign and the GOP think of tomorrow’s health care summit with the President:

The president is putting on a phony show at the white house tomorrow. Don’t be fooled.

You listening, White House? Don’t be fooled by all that GOP talk about “bipartisanship.” Ensign and the GOP are telling you, flat-out, that unless you’re willing to do literally everything their way, you can forget about any of their votes.