CNN Announces Hiring Of Red State's Erick Erickson

No, really – they did:

W.T.F., CNN? Seriously! I mean, are you trying to out-FOX FOX? Are you trying to provide “fairness and balance,” offering up Erickson as a serious, reasonable kind of guy, like some kind of counterweight to all the (nonexistent) notorious progressive bomb-throwers in your employ and all over your airwaves, currently? I mean, you’ve got Carville…but you’ve also got his “lovely” wife, Matalin. You’ve got Begala…but you’ve also got Castellanos.

Who are you trying to balance out with this latest hire, Candy Crowley? Wolf Blitzer? Christ. To actually counterbalance a guy like Erickson, you’d need someone like Ward Churchill on as a regular commentator. I can’t watch CNN anymore; they’re just complete idiots. Or – worse – they think we are.

For crying out loud, Erickson is the man who – only months ago, referred publicly (on Twitter) to Supreme Court justice David Souter as “a goat-f***ing child molester.” No, really. He did. And yet THIS is (according to you), a guy who’s “a perfect fit for ‘John King, USA’,” apparently because he’s both “an agenda-setter” and “a person who still lives in small-town America.” And according to CNN political director Sam Feist, that means “Erick is in touch with the very people John (King) hopes to reach.

John King hopes to reach people who are prone to think – and publicly announce – that Supreme Court justices are “goat-f***ing child molesters?”

OK, then. That pretty much settles the whole “most trusted name in news” bit – as well as answers whether you’re intending to fashion your own path through the minefield of today’s 24-hour newsscape, CNN, or whether you just intend to ape FOX.

OK, gang, if this recent announcement from the most busted name in news has left you feeling the same way it’s left me feeling (that is: as if you’d like to forget you ever heard such toxic nonsense), then come join me in some tasty mind-bleach.

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  1. CNN looked at Fox News profit statements and said, “Looks good!! We’ll take it.”

    It’s all about the Benjamins

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