Pitchforks And Torches

Hilarious. From Michael Moore, teabaggers are protesting Bill Ayers’ appearances now, it seems:

Ayers radical past, and his more recent association with Barack Obama makes him a target of Tea Party protestors, who showed up at a Fresno Church where he spoke on a documentary film about the Weather Underground.

Yes, that’s right, folks: the teabaggers are protesting Bill Ayers…forty years after he ceased the activities for which they’re protesting him. Now, teabaggers would tell you that it’s Ayers’ association with Barack Obama, along with the unrepentant nature of some of his comments regarding his terrorist past that make him a legitimate target of protest today. Like these guys, for example:

Mark Ratchford said, “I don’t like what’s going on. This man and Obama are friends and I don’t like what they stand for. It’s not American.”

John Smedley said, “I’m fed up with all of this government takeover. And Bill Ayers is one of Obama’s buddies, and I don’t like it and he doesn’t belong here and he can go home.”

I would argue with Mr. Ratchford’s point – as Ayers himself does – by saying that Obama was 8 when Ayers was at the height of his activities with the Weather Underground, and the sum of their association in recent years never added up to much. Certainly not nearly as much as the teabaggers seem to think, at any rate. But that’s what’s so funny here: why IS it that the teabaggers think Obama and Ayers have such close ties?

Answer: FOX News told them there were close ties. And so the teabaggers go into full-on Pavlovian response, which also explains why, though Ayers’ past has been well-known for years, he’s only now drawing outraged protests from the teabag crowd. It really is that simple: FOX says “hate this guy, he’s bad – and he and Obama are tight,” and off they go. And it doesn’t even occur to them to wonder why they’re only now protesting this supposed “dangerous communist terrorist,” or why, if he’s so tight with the President, he hasn’t even been contacted by the President since his election, let alone offered any kind of plum job within the administration.