Real-Time GOP Lawbreaking

Yes, I know this is petty and full of schadenfreude…but this one’s simply too hi-larious to ignore, even if it’s meaningless in the world of politics. Here’s the story: Republican Dan Lungren, Representative from California’s 3rd and former Lieutenant Governor of California (as well as notorious paranoid, LOL), was doing a phone-in interview to radio station KFBK in Sacramento’s morning news show. From his car. While on his way to work. I’ve already given this away, haven’t I? You guessed it, Lungren got distracted and careless, wound up speeding, and got pulled over just as the radio station came back from break to begin the interview. You can listen to the full interview at KFBK’s morning show page (at least until it’s no longer current), but I can’t decide if it’s better in the original audio, or transcribed (from the Sac Bee’s Capitol Beat):

“Uh, uh, I have to get off the phone just a moment here. … I’m sorry, I’m talking with a police officer here,” Lungren told the hosts of KFBK Morning News just after being introduced on the air.
Lungren, who was on his way to his Washington office from his Alexandria, Va.-area home, quickly explained that he had just been pulled over for driving “probably just slightly over the speed limit” as he was chatting behind the wheel (he said his phone was in his lap).
The officer could be heard asking Lungren to get off the phone — “Can you hang up the phone sir? … You need to hang that up.”