My Guess Is Their Estimate Is Low

From the NY Daily News, we learn that the original Darth Vader costume worn by David Prowse in the 1977 classic 1980’s The Empire Strikes Back will be put up for sale at the venerable Christie’s auction house in London:

The Force can be with you — for a price. Christie’s auction house says it is selling an original Darth Vader costume from the “Star Wars” movie franchise.

The jet-black helmet, mask and armor worn by the intergalactic villain are expected to sell for between 160,000 pounds and 230,000 pounds ($250,000 and $365,000) at a sale of pop culture memorabilia next month.

I think they’re aiming too low. Christmas is coming up…and Dick Cheney’s going to need a natty outfit to be buried in. I expect a last-minute, “anonymous” bid by phone from America.