No Rest For The Weary

Are you tired of politics? Need a little break, after the teabagging festival of the latter half of 2009 followed by the just-completed 2010 midterms?


Former First Lady Nancy Reagan today announced plans to invite all of the leading contenders for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination to two debates at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum. The Reagan Presidential Foundation plans to play host to both the first GOP presidential debate of the 2012 election cycle in spring 2011 and a second GOP debate on the eve of the Super Tuesday primaries.

Yes, folks, as the article points out, “given that presidential campaigns tend to begin earlier and earlier every four years, we can probably expect next year’s first debate around the time that the cherry blossoms start blooming in Washington.

Good grief. This stuff is getting to be┬álike sports: every season now starts earlier and ends later than it did twenty or thirty years ago. Remember the recent World Series, in which my San Francisco Giants took home the crown? Those games started on October 27th, and the final one (which wouldn’t have been the last one had the Giants not clinched that night) was on November 1st. I may be old and crotchety, but I’m pretty sure Reggie Jackson’s nickname wasn’t “Mr. November.” And considering how slimy and fractious the recent political silly season was, would it really be too much to ask to get a little more time off before we begin (another) Presidential contest? Do we really need nearly two solid freaking years of campaign news? I dunno about you; I sure don’t.