Dog Bites Man: Bush Officials Broke Law, FOX Looks the Other Way

Specifically, the Hatch Act, and primarily (though not exclusively) during the 2005-06 period:

At least seven Cabinet secretaries to President George W. Bush took politically motivated trips at taxpayer expense while aides falsely claimed they were traveling on official business, the independent Office of Special Counsel said Monday night in concluding a three-year probe.

In a report on allegations that first surfaced before Bush left office, the agency condemned what it depicted as widespread violations of a law restricting political activities by federal workers and illegal use of federal funds to engage in electioneering…

According to the report, the White House improperly orchestrated the use of assets throughout the government to help key congressional allies as the voting drew near, including arranging more than a hundred ostensibly official appearances by top appointees in battleground states such as Pennsylvania, New Mexico, Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and Connecticut.

This federally funded travel was organized, approved and closely tracked by Bush’s political office, the Office of Special Counsel found, describing the activity as leading to the illegal diversion of federal funds and workers’ time.

At one point in 2006, it disclosed, operatives employed by the Republican National Committee moved into White House quarters where they worked in tandem with the political-office staff to coordinate the campaign.

In other words, Karl Rove repeatedly, intentionally broke the law. Wow. Didn’t see that one coming, did ya?

Of course, doing their normal IOKIYAR (It’s OK If You’re A Republican) shtick, FAUX “News” had Rove already scheduled to appear today on their “Happening Now” program when this news broke yesterday. This was Rove’s very first media appearance since the news. So, did host Jon Scott grill Rove about the OSC memo, or even bring up the subject at all? Go ahead, I’ll give you one guess – if you even need that many. FOX, remember, likes to tell critics that sure, their evening opinion guys are conservative…but so are other channels, but their daytime programming? All news, baby! Totally “fair-‘n’-balanced.”

Right. Scott and Rove discussed what Paul Ryan’s response to tonight’s SOTU will be like.