Why I Don't Respect The Wingnuts

Because they may speak before cameras and microphones about public union benefit plans, and sometimes even I think “hey, you know, that’s at least rational-sounding.”

But this is what they sound like when the cameras aren’t rolling; this is what really animates them.

That way lies bat-boy and 300lb. talking hedgehogs. And I’m sorry, but anyone who talks this way and means it needs to be handled very carefully, like a vial of explosively volatile liquid, but on no account given a place around the table where people entertain serious solutions to real problems. A person like this might spend his life calmly interrogating his cat…or he might go all Jared Loughner on us. There’s no good way to tell for sure, often. But one thing they’re quite unlikely to do is begin seriously discussing issues – even if it may almost sound sometimes as if they had done so.