Wisconsin Thuggery – Wingnut Style

If you go to “Right Network” or (especially) to any of propagandist Andrew Breitbart’s “Big _” sites, you’ll hear the phrase “union thugs” tossed around a great deal. No links, because I’m not interested in giving those guys any traffic, but if you remember the ‘09 health care reform fight, you’ll be familiar with this phrase. Breitbart seems to like such phrases a lot’.

In fact anyone who’s paid even the slightest attention already knows Breitbart’s entire raison d’être is posting stories that prove his worldview is correct…and if he can’t actually find enough (or any) evidence to warrant such stories, ol’ Andy Looney simply makes it up.

It’s part of the whole “parallel universe” that right-wingers have been constructing for themselves for decades. Remember those rich “welfare queens” of Reagans, supposedly riding around in Cadillacs and lording it over the working folk? Yeah. But in the last several years, since about mid-way through the second George W. Bush term, when it became clear that not just Bush but the majority of the conservative articles of faith about the way the world works were starting to be revealed quite starkly as the abject failures they are, conservatives such as Breitbart have been working overtime in the propaganda sweatshops in an attempt to keep the delusion alive.

That’s why it’s both important and instructive to note stories like this one over at Political Carnival about the whole “union goons/thugs” meme the right has going for itself. Gotta Laff starts out by linking to this LA Times article which quotes Madison police spokesman Joel DeSpain as saying that there have been none – that’s right, ZERO – arrests of protesters in Wisconsin in nearly two straight weeks of between 30k-100k people there (depending on the day), many of them sleeping in the capitol building itself.

Yet, according to Andy Looney, “union thuggery” is rampant in Wisconsin’s capitol. One possible reason why Breitbart is seeing thuggery everywhere: he’s been reading his supporters’ Twitter feeds. Gotta Laff catches this gem:

The Political Carnival - Twitter screen grab 'breaking: union thugs...'
Just as in the teaparty rallies of the summer of ’09, the angry, fearful, hateful rhetoric is coming – again – almost exclusively from the right side of the table. Breitbart clearly wishes it were otherwise. But – again – he and his staff’s “reporting” on the subject reminds anyone watching the actual reality on the ground in Madison vs what’s said at Breitbart’s sites of the old third grade observation: he who smelt it, dealt it. Kudos to Laffy and her crew for the amazing screen grab. ***edited to add*** that Laffy reminds me to credit the screen grab to Twitter user Theresthatbear