File Under: Stuff We Already Knew

(but there’s always room to have our knowledge confirmed, strengthened and reinforced by additional evidence)

Via TPM, Former Apprentice Contestant: Trump ‘Doesn’t Like Educated African-Americans Very Much’:

“Apparently he doesn’t like educated African-Americans very much,” Kevin Allen, a final four contestant on the series’ second season, said with a laugh when asked about Trump’s recent attacks on Obama. His words contrast with Trump’s claim Monday on FOX News that The Apprentice’s treatment of African-American contestants in recent seasons confirms that he is “the least racist person there is.”

Allen, a Wharton Business School grad, Emory MBA, and University of Chicago law graduate, was “fired” from the show after Trump criticized his “unbelievable education,” and numerous degrees from elite universities.

“You’re an unbelievably talented guy in terms of education, and you haven’t done anything,” Trump said on the show. “At some point you have to say ‘That’s enough.'”

Allen was fired shortly after a controversial episode in which he was ordered to sell chocolate bars outside of New York City subway stops, a job stereotypically associated with African-American high school students. Entertainment Weekly’s Mark Harris bluntly labeled Trump’s handling of race tone-deaf at the time and said that the show “humiliated itself in regards to Allen.”

Gee, ya think? I don’t – and have never – watched any of “The Apprentice” franchise shows, but that stems from my long-standing conclusion that Trump is both a boor and perhaps the best living example of Jim Hightower’s now-classic phrase (initially used to describe George W. Bush): “he was born on third base and thought he hit a triple.” Trump’s father – the actual successful businessman in the family – left The Donald a fortune estimated to have been worth (accounting for inflation) somewhere under $1bn. Pretty hard to go badly wrong when you start off like that. Trump, of course, despite that kind of head start, later went on -in the process of going legally bankrupt several times – to bankrupt a freaking casino. I didn’t even know that was possible…and it took the business “acumen” of Donald Trump to show me otherwise. Had it not been for his siblings (who each also inherited a whopping chunk of change from father Fred) bailing him out, The Donald would today be remembered as nothing more than a flashy wreck beside the superhighway of capitalism.

So, although it came as no surprise to me to discover, years later, that a guy the likes of Trump was also the most annoying kind of racist – the kind who’s so thoughtless about their racism, they’re convinced they’re NOT a racist – it didn’t actually change my behavior towards him or his “enterprises.” However, Trump’s recent flirtation with running for the GOP nomination for President makes his racism actually relevant. I’m sure tea party heads all over America are exploding at the thought that Trump’s clownish behavior towards the President will give yet another opportunity to progressives and Democrats to point out the systemic, endemic racism of the modern conservative movement…but I say: lie down with racist dogs, wake up with racist fleas.