Weiner Roast

I’d like to write some sort of brief and fairly bitter summation to the whole sordid Anthony Weiner imbroglio which has literally consumed the national political media for the better part of two weeks. In truth, though, I’m pretty ambivalent about it. Not so much about Weiner’s actions themselves, but specifically about writing a “summing up”-style post. There is a fair amount to be said about the entire thing – not just Weiner’s actions, but about what, when and how others (especially, but not exclusively, the media) have reacted to new developments. That argues for a lengthy and detailed post to really do the ins and outs of the situation justice.

On the other hand, I just. don’t. care. This is SUCH a non-issue, as far as I’m concerned. Why? Because I’m not Anthony Weiner’s wife. As many others have already pointed out, there’s no suggestion that Weiner misused any taxpayer or even campaign funds in the course of doing what he did. Nor are even Weiner’s harshest critics stating or even implying hypocrisy on Weiner’s part, in the way that many did with GOP sex scandals (and, to be fair, Eliot Spitzer’s, too). In those cases, the people in question were often on-record bashing others for their lack of “family values,” or suggesting that politicians from the other party who became ensnared in a sexual-immorality trap of their own making ought to resign. In Spitzer’s case, he vigorously prosecuted prostitution cases as DA of New York, and held himself up as a man of high moral standards. Same basic idea. Anthony Weiner has none of that type of issue in his background, complicating matters of a primarily personal, sexual nature.

So I’m torn between wanting, on the one hand, to go into every last detail of how this has been – in my estimation – vastly overblown by the public and especially by the media, giving links and examples and comparisons, and on the other hand, to simply shrug my shoulders and say “who cares?” Fortunately for the latter half of me, the one that doesn’t want to waste half a day accumulating links and making my case for something I feel is more than a little tawdry and ridiculous – not to mention none of my business – the indefatigable Glenn Greenwald has written THE definitive post on the subject, satisfying fully the other half of me which would like to go into detail on this. Read the entire thing; it says exactly what I would want to say; it registers my disgust perfectly.