When (and HOW) Will Our Manufactured Debt-Ceiling Crisis End?

I will leave this poll up in the sidebar for new votes until the crisis is actually resolved – however (and whenever) it gets resolved. I stopped at seven answers (including the ever-popular “other”), but in truth, I could have just as easily constructed a poll with eleven or fifteen answers, all slightly different. Between the “Grand Bargain” floated by Obama, the McConnell deal (both the “clean” and “dirty” (I guess) versions of it), the Biden talks framework, and various other miscellaneous proposals, the bottom line is that there’s really no way at all to know what the final package will look like exactly. That’s why I expect “other” to be such a popular answer: because everyone seems to have their own ideas of both what should happen and what likely will happen. As always, unless you happen to be a member of congress (in which case, what the fuck are you doing here, you lazy bastard: go solve the debt-ceiling crisis!), there’s really no way to know what the final package will actually look like. The tea-partiers appear to be dug in deeply, with conflicting reports coming out; one saying that Boehner had Paul Ryan take these eager frosh to the woodshed for a combination beating/instructional video session, another report has the tea-totalers holding firm and saying they “didn’t come here to have long careers; they came here to DO something.” So it’s truly anyone’s guess. I won’t go on at length about my own suspicions until after (though I will vote in the poll). I don’t have the interest (or the money) to award any prizes for the most-accurate answer, but we should see if anyone gets it right. So, good luck…and may the “flaming end of American civilization” answer not be the correct one. 😉 Check out the poll right over in the sidebar!   =====>