Last Chance to Vote in the Fabulous PTL Debt-Ceiling Poll!

I know, I know, it’s Monday, August 1st, and the weekend’s wrangling would appear to indicate that it’s all over but the shouting (or, more accurately, screaming) as far as the eventual solution to the nation’s manufactured debt-ceiling crisis goes. I tend to agree, since there is indeed a deal which can be measured and read about circulating.

However, it’s not over ’til it’s over. The one thing that, so far, has NOT occurred (as of this writing – 10am Monday morning, though things are moving VERY fast on this issue for obvious reasons) is the actual VOTING. As Stan Collender at Capital Gains and Games reminds us, though momentum is definitely well underway in the direction of a particular deal, it’s not a certain thing that the battered John Boehner – who had to cave and pander to the tea party wing of his caucus in the House in order to get something passed – will be able to round up the votes he needs, especially when one factors in the news that the congressional progressive caucus is also none-too-sure they can or will support this deal. Nancy Pelosi’s reaction last night to news of the finalization of the deal was – by far – the least-warm reception of any congressional leader’s, so I’m not even sure how invested she is in whipping this particular deal.

In all likelihood, this deal – or something very like it – is what the final proposal that passes both houses and is signed into law will look like. But since it’s not set in cement quite yet, I thought I’d give folks one last chance to place their bets on what sort of final resolution might emerge from the smoke surrounding this deal. Last bets, everyone! (see sidebar to your right). I will close the poll once the deal is actually inked and signed.