Tonight, I Am Ashamed to Be A Georgia Resident

I will not be the first place you will have gotten the news that at 11:08pm – literally as I write this – the state of Georgia, my state for the last eight years, has executed Troy Anthony Davis. There’s a great deal to say about this case, but not tonight. Tonight, the only thing I think is important to point out is that in America in 2011, justice looks like this: Casey Anthony is free based on uncertainty due to lack of evidence, while Troy Davis is dead despite uncertainty due to lack of evidence. That means the last word tonight goes to the Lady who told us about such justice long ago:

In “Lady Sings The Blues,” she revealed that literally every time she would perform this song live, she would have to go backstage afterwards and throw up. Tonight, I know how she feels. Time for bed. Godspeed, Troy.