US Businesses NOT Being Strangled By Regulation And Taxation, World Bank Says

That’s the title of an article over at that noted socialist rag, Forbes Magazine (yes, FORBES!).

I capitalized the “not” in the title, because if one only listens to GOP Presidential candidates or the conservative media and talk radio, the cognitive dissonance from reading that article’s title might very well lead the reader to simply elide the “not.”

One of the few (but distinct) downsides to the Republicans having spent the last forty years crafting such a coherent narrative about what’s wrong in America and who’s to blame for it is that now, that narrative is so entrenched that most Republicans tend to recite it literally as if someone had just pressed the “play” button, i.e.: without even thinking if it’s in fact true. That sort of message coherence and party discipline has won them countless elections they did not deserve to win and would not otherwise have won…but it also means that they’re increasingly unable to think about the actual facts of the world in any other way than the received “wisdom” of their narrative.

That’s an opportunity for Democrats, or indeed for anyone (Occupy Wall Street?) who wishes to show just how wide the gap is between reality and GOP/conservative cant. According to Forbes, the World Bank found:

…according to the World Bank’s 212 page “Doing Business 2012″ report, released on Wednesday, there is less red tape for setting up shop in the U.S. than there is in all of Europe, Latin America, Africa and most of Asia…

What it looks like from the research desks at one of the most powerful and elite multilateral institutions on the planet is a U.S. that does not have the government in its way, but a U.S. whose government is more out of the way than it is in every other major economy on earth, including mainland China.

This article should be exhibit #1 on every Democrat’s and progressive’s list of why the GOP is simply out of touch with reality. This needs to be brought home to the media, again and again, and repeated in public spaces where a wide variety of people will hear it. We in the Reality-Based Community™ have always believed that facts matter, and we’ve been gobsmacked periodically at the extent to which the GOP message machine has appeared to be successful in rendering what should be an obvious truism like that UN-true. We’ve watched white, working-and-middle-class voters vote against their own economic interest time and again, and we’ve wondered why they DO that, because we keep bringing them the facts…sort of.

Well, these days, after so much economic turmoil, and with Occupy movements in so many states and even countries throughout the world, even the thick hides (skulls?) of the low-information and “swing” voters here in the United States is in an unusual situation: they’re receptive to having their perspective changed…if we mount an organized campaign to do it. We can’t just leave this out there as a fact, we have to hammer it home, again and again and again.