This Is What Passes For Hard-Hitting Investigative Journalism On The Right

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Beyond parody:

The Obama Campaign rolled out some new fonts on the campaign last week.  The typeface chosen for the word ‘America’ was starkly different that anything we had seen before. Buzzfeed’s Zeke Miller reported that the font was named “Revolution Gothic” and that according to the typeface origin is seeded in Cuban Communist propaganda.

No, really. Some wingnut with waaaay too much time on his hands saw this Obama campaign image:

Obama campaign image: Betting On America

…and decided it looked like old commie propaganda. And not that the message or anything looked suspicious – just the FONT. If that weren’t enough, next the enterprising little chowderheads at “The Blaze” (Glenn Beck’s post-cable-news conspiracy-palooza web site*) spent lord only knows how many hours poring over Internet photo archives of actual old Cuban/communist posters, etc, to find any similarities in the font.

Reminds me of not that long ago when what appeared to be a coordinated wingnut internet campaign centered around trying to disparage the Obama campaign’s newly-unveiled slogan, “Forward,” as also being commie-inspired. That is, until sane people started pointing out that scads of organizations, both historically and today, used the slogan “forward” or some variation of it, in their advertising/PR — including (embarrassingly) such political groups as the College National Republican Committee and even – gasp! – St. Reagan.

Naturally, after all that, you’ll be unsurprised to hear it’s been a while since we heard anything on the “Forward = commie propaganda” front. But Fontgate is just getting started. I guess the wingnuts must have moved on to the next yet-to-be-discredited idea, to try to give IT its fifteen minutes of infamy before it gets subjected to even the barest scrutiny and laughed out of the court of public opinion.

* Can I just add as an uncharitable aside that, knowing Beck & Co’s penchant for such loony partisan hackery/conspiracy theory-mongering, the phrase “The Blaze” always conjures up for me an image of a man trying desperately – and eventually succeeding – to light his own farts. That’s about the level of perspicacity on display most of the time in this – as in all – Beck ventures.

7 thoughts on “This Is What Passes For Hard-Hitting Investigative Journalism On The Right

    1. I don’t actually know. That sounds right, but I didn’t do any research into the history of the font. My point was that it’s absolute lunacy to try to smear-by-association through common use of a FONT.

      It’d be – literally – no different than if the Beckerheads tried to assert that, because the Obamas have a dog, that must mean they’re fascists because Hitler loved his dogs, too.

  1. This is just an extreme example of all Republican propaganda. Nevertheless it was worth your mentioning. It’s a symbol of the fact that they have to focus on nonsense because they have no sane policies and thus nothing to say about big “issues” like the economy.

    Which is also why they spend so much time on what they call “social issues.” The latter term for them refers only to sex. Republicans thus deny that health care is a “social issue”–except for the tiny fraction of of the Obama Care act that concern genital medicine. Since they have no policies regarding health care, they try to shift the discussion away from health care and to attacks on sex.

  2. LOL LOL … but for me, the rag-head* “Blaze” brings to mind the image of “pants on fire”
    *(no indication of Islam … just indicating a ragʻs headlne)

  3. Note in the comments section: “His use of the word,”Forward,” also has its roots in socialism. Not too surprisingly, it is also the title of a major Jewish publication.” Wink wink, nudge nudge.

  4. Lars, I want to thank you very much for writing your blog. I have written about it and posted this new post on my posts on Google Plus for my community there. I have railed over partisan politics and how destructive it is and is going to be for our country many times, but I think we are approaching the limits of what our country can stand. It is time for many more of us to begin calling for politicians that are as good as our country is. I know that country very well after being a librarian for about thirty years and traveled and worked widely within it. I know too that communication weakness, leadership failure, and small group hatred of the type I see in our current politics would never have been tolerated anywhere I have worked. If I had failed to work in groups like our politicians are now in our Congress, I would have certainly been fired in every single job. I was expected to get along with all people without regard to what they believed or what political philosophy they had. We set aside our differences to work in the interest of our school or our college or our corporation. I am always very surprised when we don’t ask our elected leaders to do the same.
    Here’s how I started my post around the url for your blog. I hope you have many more readers and that our voices will begin calling serious attention to the political illness called partisan politics and partisan gridlock.
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