Four People Shot To Death In PA – While NRA Press Conference On Newtown Was Happening

Wayne LaPierre is interrupted by a protester at his post-Newtown press conference
Wayne LaPierre of the NRA Looks On In Annoyance As Someone Manages To Tell A Little Truth

To be clear, no, the people were not shot AT the NRA press conference. But if you listened live to NRA head Wayne LaPierre’s whiny, aggrieved, aggressive bullshit this morning at the NRA press conference, then really, the only rebuttal or answer of any kind that needs to be made can be made by the local Pennsylvania news media:

BLAIR COUNTY, Pa. — The Blair County district attorney said that four people, including the alleged gunman, are dead after a series of shootings along a rural road on Friday.

The district attorney said the victims are one woman and three men, including the gunman.

Three Pennsylvania state troopers were injured.

Remember: all this happened while Wayne LaPierre was explaining to the national press that the NRA’s much-ballyhooed “meaningful contributions” were, in essence: suggesting having armed guards at all schools. In other words, more men with guns. As if Virginia Tech didn’t have its own police force. Jeebus.

As someone on Twitter remarked: isn’t it terrible there weren’t men with guns at Ft. Hood? They could have prevented that tragic massacre.

The debate on guns – and the culture of guns – in the country needs to change. Now. After Newtown, it may finally be starting to.

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