Ultimate Redneck Headline

The following is not, of course, how BuzzFeed put this item in their headlines. But for the record, in the wake of Sandy Hook, I cannot believe that both BuzzFeed and the NY Post (which is famous for its, ah, provocative headlines, and where I first saw this item) passed up the chance for the Ultimate Redneck Headline™:

Man In Pickup Truck Freedoms Self To Death In The Head At NRA-Sponsored NASCAR Race.

Because it’s quite clear from the details of the piece that this is exactly
what occurred. Just sayin’.

2 thoughts on “Ultimate Redneck Headline

  1. “Several people witnessed the incident”? REALLY? What were all thinking he was joking? No one thought to stop him and let him know he’s not supposed to freedom himself?

    That’s crazy.

    1. Yeah, I wondered that too. Then again, I’m not sure how much “stopping” one can do of a determined man with a gun, a la Budd Dwyer. Especially of a drunk, angry man with a gun.

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