Talking With The Congressman About Poetry — Er, Tax Reform

Ever since I moved in 2003 from Barbara Lee’s district in Oakland, CA to Tom Price’s district in suburban Atlanta (Newt Gingrich’s old district), I’ve sort of felt a stepped-up need to interface with my congressperson. In Oakland, I could pretty much rest easy in the knowledge that my congressperson would propose or vote for issues that I myself would support, were I in congress. No politician matches one’s own preferences 100% of the time, but when you’ve got a congressperson as good as Barbara Lee, it’s easy to just sort of let her do the work, since it’s what you’d do anyway.

Not so since moving to the land of God, guns and Gingrich. These days, I tend to bedevil Tom Price on Twitter, and when I see tweets like this one, I feel compelled to act upon them:

image of Tom Price tweet

So ya want my thoughts on tax reform, eh, Tom? Done…though I’m pretty sure my recommendations aren’t going to be what you were hoping for, given that the responses on Twitter to your solicitation were for idiotic things like the FairTax or banning state taxes altogether and making the corporate rate 2%. So, you’re welcome. 😉