I LOVE The Smell of GOP Infighting in the Morning

More like this, please: TPM has the details on the latest round of the delicious Cheney-vs-everyone else spat in Wyoming.

Apparently, Mama Lynne got all Mama Grizzly on the Simpsons (that’d be Alan and his wife, not Homer and family), one of the few other dynastic Wyoming political families (besides the Cheneys), for their continued support of Senator Mike Enzi over the recently-announced Senate candidacy of the heiress to the Cheney’s throne-of-Dick, daughter Liz:

“And then Lynne Cheney said, ‘Oh, I’ve heard enough of that and I don’t want to hear anymore. I just want to tell you something, Shut up – just shut up – shut up.’ Three times,” Simpson writes. “I wandered off – stunned. I went back to my table, told my family (who were my guests) what had occurred. They were also shocked.”