GOP Shutdown, Day 8

Congressional Republicans
Shower Affection on Constitutional Separation of Powers

Now, we come to it. The GOP shutdown is starting to have effects that can be seen by everyone, with their naked eyes:

A multi-state Salmonella outbreak is exactly the scenario food safety advocates and lawmakers warned about when the federal government was forced to shutdown last week.

Now that nightmare has come true, though the federal agencies charged with arresting foodborne illnesses are scrambling to make due.

It’s been said (mostly by beltway windbags) that “politics ain’t beanbag.” That’s a tough-sounding phrase meant to invoke the idea that hard choices and hard feelings sometimes go along with the decisions made by our political class.

But such macho bullshit ought to be laid permanently to rest in the face of stories like this one (though I’m under no illusion it will be). Hey, tea party? Speaker Boehner? Politics may not be beanbag, but policy is not some damn childish game. People’s actual lives are being toyed with by your extremely selfish, tin-eared and childish antics and spineless capitulation, respectively. Quit risking Americans’ lives, health and safety because you don’t like the outcome of the last two Presidential elections and a Supreme Court case, and start doing your jobs. You may not have them much longer.