New Digs!

Welcome to the new home of Post Tenebras Lux!Housewarming img

New Years resolutions are the most oft-broken thing in the known universe (well, aside from GOP promises), but one of my goals in the new year is to try to recommit myself to blogging. PTL remains a one-person operation, so I have neither the person-hours nor the inclination to try to capture every newsworthy story as it floats by every day. I probably wouldn’t have time to even do every political story justice.

Why the change? A few key reasons. First of all, I figured it was time for the URL of this blog to more closely reflect the title you see in the header, but the decision to change venues was driven by more than just that.

One of my original guiding principles when I began writing PTL was to only comment upon stories where I felt I could lend my voice to the issue in a way that would be meaningful, as opposed to merely echoing or joining a chorus of voices who had already commented upon or covered a story in exactly the same way as I would. Today, at the beginning of 2014, I still feel that way. Nothing would be a greater waste of both my time as a writer and yours as a reader than for me to simply re-hash or echo things others have already said, possibly sooner and probably better than I.

In practice, unfortunately, what only writing when inspiration struck meant (as a quick glance at the archives will demonstrate amply) is that although there are days when I wrote one or two or even three full-length posts in a day, those days were balanced out by many more where I wrote nothing at all. PTL had, despite my best intentions, become somewhat moribund lately.

This is its renewal. What’s changed is that starting now, I want commit myself to trying to write at least one item per day, and hopefully to be more concise. That will be a much greater frequency than in the past, and it will mean an increase of focus on my part to not simply let important stories slide by unmentioned. I’m glad you decided to join me. Enjoy the new theme and layout, and thanks for reading!