Walls Close In On Chris Christie

Steve Kornaci has obviously been eating his Wheaties this week, because on Saturday morning’s UP, he delivered what may be the most devastating – and well-substantiated – assessment of the Christie administration’s culture of corruption and cronyism yet.

If you’ve not yet seen it, it involves the Mayor of Hoboken, a hugely wealthy and influential real estate developer, and a quid-pro-quo you will (sadly) be quite able to believe, because it’s such a classic tale of political favoritism and corruption.

The real reason you’ll be able to believe it, though, is that Kornacki and his team did yeoman’s work and then some in making sure this story was as well-supported as it could be. Kornacki and the “UP” crew deservedly won all of TV this weekend, and if these allegations stick, I would guess not only are Christie’s Presidential aspirations completely finished (if they weren’t already), but there may be people from the Christie administration leaving in handcuffs – possibly including the governor himself, depending upon how far the trail can be followed. Watch Kornacki unspool the mess (if embed below doesn’t work in your browser, here’s the link to the text story at MSNBC’s website which contains the video):

Team Christie, by the way, fired back almost immediately with a wan and predictable charge of partisanship on MSNBC’s part. Never a good sign, when your best answer to charges of this serious a nature amounts essentially to calling those bringing the charges a bunch of meanies.