Chris Christie’s Bridgegate Fate

photo of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie
There’s No THIRD Shoe…Is There? (Credit: Reuters/Carlo Allegri)

Things continue to not look good for Governor Chris Christie’s bridgegate-related future. Just yesterday, the former Christie staffer who is perhapsĀ most central to the ongoing “bridgegate” scandal, Bridget Ann Kelly, used the fifth amendment to assert her right against self-incrimination. Kelly is the former Christie deputy chief of staff who sent the now-infamous email to David Wildstein (another Christie appointee who’s also now taken the fifth) at the Port Authority, saying “time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee.”

This means both sides of the decision to inflict intentional harm on Fort Lee have chosen to remain silent rather than answer questions. It still remains to be seen, of course, whether their silence is simply to protect themselves from the punishment they know is coming for crimes they committed, or whether either or both of them could, if provided immunity from prosecution, provide evidence implicating people up the chain from themselves. In each of their respective cases, the two individuals were far enough up the Christie administration food chain themselves that the list of people they could potentially “flip” on is quite small indeed, and includes the governor.

Yesterday, one day after triumphantly bungling the Superb Owl transportation setup in what has to rank as some of the most spectacularly bad political optics in recent memory, Christie once again had to publicly deny he had any knowledge at the time of his staff’s apparently concerted effort to inflict harm upon Fort Lee. Appearing on his own monthly radio show, Christie repeated his denials, but this time, with a key difference. In the past, Christie has simply categorically denied he had any knowledge of the lane closures at the time. Yesterday, Christie “admitted he might have heard about traffic snarls while they were happening and not paid any attention.”

At best, if true, that shows horribly negligent management on the Governor’s part, given the amount of headaches the intentional traffic jam caused for Fort Lee. But the admission is also an about-face from Christie’s previous blanket denials of any knowledge whatsoever of the issue before the day the scandal blew up in the press last month.

I’m not saying anything, I’m just sayin’.

Given all this, I’ve opened an indefinite-length poll over in the sidebar, which will remain live until we have a resolution of Chris Christie’s bridgate scandal (and the various other burgeoning scandals, like Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer’s claims). Simply put: what’s your guess as to how this all ends up for Chris Christie? Leave a comment if you chose “other” to let us know what alternative scenario you think is likely. I know it must appear as if I’ve already made up my mind, but let’s hear from everyone. What do you think? (no need to register or login to vote in polls)