Texas Gay Marriage Ban Overreach

photo of two men getting married with strikethrough
In Texas? They’ll Even Ban THEMSELVES If It Means They Can Ban The Gays!

I thought it might be fun, in light of the recent serious court challenge to the Texas gay marriage ban statute of 2005 (and especially in light of Texas’ Attorney General and Gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott’s promise to defend the ban), to pull one from the archives here to illustrate just how far Texas is willing to go to avoid/punish Teh Gay:

Texas Bans Marriage

You see, someone in 2009 reviewing the 2005 Texas law discovered that, in its zeal to outlaw gay marriage, the language of the statute had been drafted so broadly that it arguably banned ALL marriage in the state. Details at link.


Go get ’em, plaintiffs¬†Phariss and Holmes – you guys look like a great couple.