Joe the Plumber Takes Union Job At Chrysler

photo of Joe the Plumber
The Union Forever! Starting, Um, Last Week!

All your lulz are belong to Joe today. Or at least, they’re rightfully directed at ol’ Sammy-Joe the Unlicensed Plumber. Why? Because today is the day we learn the excellent tea party children’s story: Joe The Plumber Takes a Union Job:

Samuel “Joe” Wurzelbacher – a.k.a., “Joe the Plumber” – announced today on Facebook and earlier on his Web site that he has landed a union job with Chrysler Group LLC.

Choice prevaricating quote from the man himself?

“Private unions, such as the UAW, is a choice between employees and employers. If that is what they want then who am I to say you can’t have it?” he said.

Who are you to say they shouldn’t have it, Sammy-Joe? Well, perhaps you’re this guy: the guy who campaigned against EFCA on behalf of the Koch Brothers’ Americans for Prosperity not too many years ago:

Republicans have turned to their “go to” flunkie Joe the Plumber once again in crunch time to come to Pennsylvania to campaign against the Employee Free Choice Act. Joe will make 3 stops in Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, and Philadelphia to convince Senator Arlen Specter (R) to stab working families in the back by withdrawing his prior commitment to support the EFCA, which he even recently co-sponsored.

Anyway, water under the bridge I guess, eh, compadre? Enjoy the shiny new union paycheck and the union-level bennies, Sammy-Joe! (h/t Laura Clawson at dKos)