Rupert Murdoch vs NYC

Via a conservative friend on Twitter, I see ol’ Rupert Murdoch essentially laid down his media empire’s marching orders for the foreseeable future, at least as far as New York City’s new leadership is concerned:

image of tweet from Rupert Murdoch
Nice City You Got There. Shame If Something Were To Happen To It

Now that I think about it, perhaps Sean Hannity’s whine earlier in February that he was leaving New York because of all the taxes was the first shot across the bow of the new initiative from the News Corp empire. True or not, watching Murdoch tweet “big mess ahead,” anyone with knowledge of how he operates should automatically append either “…I hope” to Murdoch’s last sentence of that tweet, or prepend it with “I will make it my mission to do what I can to ensure there will be…”

Because anyone who’s been paying attention even a little bit over the decades knows that’s simply how Murdoch operates. This song’s from 1984, for Chrissaskes! “Recession,” by Attila the Stockbroker off the Sawdust and Empire album (listen to the last verse for the Murdoch nod):

Anyway, buckle up, New York. It seems clear “Uncle Rupert” is comin’ for ya, now that the big, bad leftists have taken over.