Sadly, This Is (STILL) America

This makes me flat-out angry — though not surprised:

An Occupy Wall Street activist is facing up to seven years in prison after being convicted by a jury in Manhattan of assaulting a New York police officer as he led her out of a protest.

Seven years. For elbowing a cop who was dragging her away. Ms.¬†McMillan may get less time…but it could be the full pop, too. Make sure you have a look at the bruises all over her upper torso Ms. McMillan sustained from this incident.

Then remember this, from Nevada, just a week or so ago:

Cooter! Fetch Mah Armalite AR-50 Sniper RifleI I Gots Me Some BLM Bureaucrats To Plink!
Cooter! Fetch Mah Armalite AR-50! I Gots Me Some Fascist-Socialist BLM Bureaucrats To Plink!

What punishment did these charming sociopathic assholes receive for pointing weapons at federal officials? Say it with me, you already know the answer:


They were let go as staunch, if possibly a little overexcitable, “patriots.”

And that’s the state of things in 2014, folks: out-of-state wingnuts, armed to the teeth, who helicopter in and threaten federal officials with semiautomatic weaponry from fortified positions? Pass. Young liberal woman challenging oligarchy who gets in an altercation with cops where both are bruised? No bail, seven years at Rikers. Let me be very clear here: I am not in favor of assaulting or threatening federal officials with bodily harm or death. But if you agree with that notion, wouldn’t you say a gang of armed thugs who caused this kind of reaction in police officers would deserve as much or more than a lone, unarmed 24-year old woman? Not in America, 2014. Apparently, it’s still far more threatening – and violative – to be an angry lefty than it is to be an angry righty.

And so we go. God Bless America. Excuse me. I mean ‘murica.