DCCC Sends Out Some Serious Bullshit

I’ve always been a liberal/progressive. That means I’ve given money to the DCCC over the years, when I’ve been able to, and when I thought it was important. So I’ve been on “the list” (hell, many such lists) for quite some time. I also understand how political fundraising works (because I’ve done plenty in my day): most people – the vast majority – simply will not seek you out to send you money, so you have to ask. Often. Repeatedly. You have to be persistent.

Even by those standards, though, the sheer volume of email I receive from Democratic-affiliated groups (which are all in one way or another coordinated by either the DSCC, the DCCC or the DNC) is just excessive. I’ve seriously considered setting up some kind of meta-filter that sends fundraising appeals directly to their own mailbox, just to help retain my sanity and make me not hate the very organizations I’m supposed to be supporting.

Even chalking all that up to persistence, however, one thing you never do when asking someone for money is insult or offend the people you’re asking for money. I suppose it doesn’t take a rocket scientist or a fundraising expert to realize this, but apparently they’ve yet to embrace this concept over at the DCCC. I say this because today, I received an email that really took the cake (from the DCCC, of course – click to embiggen if it’s hard to read):

screen-capture of DCCC fundraising email
Pay Up, See? Or Your “Membership” Gets It.

Seriously, DCCC? SERIOUSLY? This is just outright sleazy. Your best attempt to get me to voluntarily chip in to the cause…is to mimic a collection agency? Because that’s exactly what this is. From the FINAL NOTICE in all caps in the subject line to the same words capitalized, bolded and highlighted in the first sentence, to the danger-Will-Robinson red text of my name and the red box (“you owe this amount”), this thing reads like what the power company sends someone just before they turn off the electricity, or the way the collection agency the department store sold your debt to after you forgot to pay the bill addresses you.

I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised, given that the DCCC is currently still being run by the loathsome and counterproductive corporate/conservadem hack Steve Israel (D-NY), who’s giving Democrats throughout the country the likes of Republican-lite candidates like this to vote for…but I still was. So, congratulations, Congressman Israel – I did not think you could do any worse with the fundraising emails than you already were…but you managed to surprise (and repel) even someone as accustomed to and cynical about such things as me.  Also, as someone on Twitter remarked: “what are they going to do, dis-enroll you?”  Aside from being offensive, it’s just a stupid tactic. Congratulations all around.

Democrats ought to be in really great shape, going into the midterms where they’re on the defensive in both the House and Senate with genius like this at the helm.

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