State of (Gun) Play In the USA

One of my friends on Twitter is a hard-core tea-partier (yes, it’s possible to be friends). We have a running and occasionally bitter debate in DMs about the state of guns in America. Today, she sent along the following article from a website called “Guns Save Lives” dot com. No link to that site, as I simply don’t want to add to their traffic by even a click or two. Fortunately, their story links to a local news story from WNEM about the incident in Portland, Oregon, which describes the successful defense of an airport office by someone who was open-carrying a gun. Our hero pulled his gun, “apprehended the perp,” as I’m sure he would probably say it himself, and waited until the cops arrived.

Super. There’s no doubt that guns sometimes can be used defensively with no shots fired, for good purposes.

However, reading the article at the TV news site reveals that our hero surprised the would-be thief

…stuffing candy in his pockets when he noticed Lacock with his gun drawn.

At that point, the newspaper reports Wirshup was so startled that he flung the box of peppermint patties he was holding into the air and then dropped to the floor.

While I’m sure we can all agree this kind of dangerous miscreant belongs off the streets rather than on them, free to roam the republic unhindered, pillaging confectionaries at will, I’d like to draw your attention to another story from this week in guns, which I dug up without even trying at Alan Colmes’ site, simply by looking through KagroX‘s tweets today:

A member of Open Carry Tarrant County and Open Carry Texas, is facing capital murder charges after two people were discovered shot dead in her home. Veronica Dunnachie, 35, was arrested by police as she drove herself to a nearby mental hospital following the shooting.

This is where we are in America today: open carry absolutists – who are clearly just as likely to be violently unstable or even murderous – continuing to go berserk about their right to carry nearly any weapon they wish, in order to prevent someone from stealing a box of York Peppermint Patties.