I Get Letters, Local Edition

Georgia Republican Senate candidate, David Perdue speaks to supporters at a primary election night party, Tuesday, May 20, 2014, in Atlanta. (AP Photo/David Goldman)
Who needs to brush up on his primary school social studies? I do! (Credit: AP/David Goldman)

Living in Georgia as I do, I’m frequently, ah, “treated” to the thoughts of my Representatives. Today, I received an email from recently-minted US Senator David Perdue. It contained the usual rube-rousing GOP numbskullery (war with Iran, fully repealing Obamacare, “free-trade” boosterism), but the sentence that really stuck with me was this one:

President Obama, and now the Supreme Court, continues to overstep their Constitutional authority on many fronts.

Aside from the glaring grammatical error, the RedState-worthy notion that the SCOTUS’ having handed down a decision that GoOPers don’t like = treason, because reasons, dammit, compelled me to dash off the following reply. (Note: I know nobody’s going to actually read this – at least, not after the first couple of sentences – but I just can’t let dumbassery of this caliber pass by completely unremarked-upon, even if thusly remarking is essentially the email equivalent of mumbling to myself. Now Get Off My Lawn.):

Dear Senator Perdue,

You seem confused. While you and I could probably discuss at length whether President Obama has “overstepped his constitutional authority” without ever seeing eye-to-eye on the subject, it’s a debatable point.

What isn’t debatable is your identical remark about the Supreme Court.

As a Senator, your job is to make law. That includes, if necessary (and if you can manage it), amending the United States Constitution. What ISN’T your job is interpreting what the Constitution means, legally. It means what it means, and if there’s ever any DOUBT as to what it means, the Supreme Court’s word is the ultimate authority on the subject – not yours.

Thus, it’s not just ridiculous and arrogant for you to assert the Supreme Court is “overstepping their Constitutional authority,” it’s simply and flatly incorrect. I realize you’ve got an ever-more-conservative voting public here in Georgia to pander to, but some of us actually went to school and paid attention to this stuff…in sixth grade. You MAKE law, while the Supreme Court determines what is and is not valid law, judged against the ultimate law of the land – the Constitution. Having to endure the Court handing down a decision you don’t like isn’t treason, it’s not extra-constitutional, and your opinion that it IS extra-constitutional means – by DEFINITION – approximately squat compared to their ruling. What it DOES mean is simply that you lost. Get over it.

Or, if you just CAN’T get over it, then by all means, figure out how to elect enough like-minded reactionary Republicans across the country to be able to rustle up 67 votes in the Senate and 291 in the House to amend the Constitution to bring back pre-existing medical conditions and runaway health care costs. Or to return to making LGBT Americans second-class citizens.

Otherwise, do feel free to piss off. And for crying out loud, go watch some Schoolhouse Rock or something to bone up on the actual roles of the three branches of government.


Your constituent,